Tuition fee FAQs

Frequently asked questions on tuition fees and how to pay for students studying at UWE Bristol.

How much are my tuition fees for this year?

There are two ways to find out how much your tuition fees will be:

If I have questions about my fees, who can I speak to?

Please contact one of the Information Points. If you are an international student, please email the International Registration Team at

How long do I have to make arrangements to pay my tuition fees?

You should make arrangements to pay your tuition fees by the end of the registration period. The deadline for registration for courses starting, or returning, between January and April is four weeks from the course start date.

What happens if I don’t make arrangements to pay my tuition fees?

It is essential that you register fully by making arrangements to pay your tuition fees as soon as possible. Failure to do so by the end of the registration period may result in you being withdrawn from the University and you will no longer be a student.

It also means you will no longer be entitled to:

  • attend lectures or seminars
  • attend professional practice
  • continue your supported placement
  • use the library or computer facilities
  • have any work assessed or considered by an examining board
  • Council Tax exemption.

International students

If you are an international student, we will also inform the Home Office that you have withdrawn from your course and UWE Bristol’s sponsorship will cease.

In what circumstances could I get a refund?

A new student, or a student registering on a new award, may cancel their registration within 14 days from the day following their registration or the first day of term, whichever is later, under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2014. They will then be entitled to a full refund of any tuition fees paid to UWE Bristol.

International students - fee deposit refund

The international tuition fee deposit is non-refundable except in the circumstances detailed on the Deposit Refund Policy.

I have applied/plan to apply for funding from Student Finance but have not yet received notification of my tuition fees loan

See our delayed Student Finance guidance for further information.

I am only partially funded by Student Finance and need to pay the remainder of my tuition fees

If you are paying the remainder of your tuition fees by debit/credit card or direct debit, you can pay through online registration and register fully.

If you wish to pay by cheque or are having your fees paid by a sponsor, eg your employer, see the fee payment information for further details.

Will undergraduate UK and EU students have to pay tuition fees up front?

Undergraduate UK and EU will not have to pay up front for their tuition. The cost of tuition will be covered by a loan. View further information about funding.

How much will I pay if I study an NHS-funded degree?

Home (UK) and EU students studying an NHS-funded undergraduate course will not pay tuition fees for the standard duration of the course. You will be able to complete your registration online (via myUWE).

How much are 'top-up' fees for 2017/18?

Home (UK) and EU students who start their ‘top-up’ year immediately after completing a Foundation Degree, DipHE, Cert HE or HND which they began before September 2012 will be charged fees under the old arrangements rather than under the new funding system introduced in 2012. This applies only to students who studied their lower level course part-time.

This means that as long as the only gap between the lower level course and the degree course is the summer vacation, and the mode of attendance remains the same (ie part time), students will retain the existing student support arrangements that were in place for their lower level course.

Students who do not start their 'top-up' immediately after completing their foundation degree, or who change their mode of study, will be subject to the tuition fee charge and student support under the post-2012 system.

My sponsor is paying my fees but I have been sent an invoice

If you have submitted an authority to invoice form please contact an Information Point. You may also want to check with your sponsor.

If you have not submitted an authority to invoice you will need to do so as soon as possible. Once received your record can be amended.

I have not received an invoice yet

Students will be invoiced within 15 working days of submitting their details. If the 15 working days have not yet passed, please wait as your invoice should be with you shortly. If, however, more than 15 days have passed please contact an Information Point.

I think I have been charged too much for my fees

There could be many reasons why your fee charge is higher than you expected. You should contact an Information Point with details of how much you are expecting to pay and how much you have been charged. You also need to include details of any scholarships and discounts to which you believe you are entitled.

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