Student Finance FAQs - Undergraduate Home/EU students

Answers to frequent questions relating to Student Finance England (SFE) funding for Undergraduate Home/EU students.

The SFE funding figure is not showing in the online registration fee calculation. What should I do?

We receive regular funding information from Student Finance England (SFE) 30 days before the start of term. If you are registering before this 30-day period, the information will not yet have been made available to us. Please check the registration tab in myUWE again at least 30 days before the start of term.

If you are registering within the 30 days or after the start of term, ensure you have completed your application process correctly and contact SFE direct if you are still concerned.

The figure in the online registration fee calculation is wrong. What should I do?

SFE provide us with information of the fee loan they have awarded you. This should match any information they have sent you. If it is different, you should contact Student Finance England without delay.

I have not been awarded a tuition fee loan. What should I do?

It is important to find out why you have not been awarded a fee loan by contacting Student Finance England. It could relate to how many years of study you have attempted prior to this academic year.

If you would like more information about the student support regulations or help challenging the decision, make an appointment with the UWE Bristol Funds Service.

I have a query with my SFE funding – how long will it take to resolve?

Query resolution times can vary from a few days to a number of weeks, depending on the timing and accuracy of your initial loan application and whether your circumstances have changed.

If you came to UWE Bristol through Clearing or following a late transfer from another institution, you can expect delays of at least five weeks to allow for Student Finance to make your new details available to us.

If, as a result, you are likely to experience serious short-term financial hardship, contact the UWE Bristol Funds Service.

How can I help to make my query easier to resolve?

To help resolve your query, please ensure that you have:

  • applied for funding for the new academic year (you have to do this every year)
  • completed, signed and returned the Declaration form to Student Finance promptly
  • put the ‘University of the West of England, Bristol’ as your university on your funding application form
  • registered as a student at UWE Bristol 
  • used the exact course name that you are registered on at UWE Bristol on your application for funding form. If your first year of study will be a foundation year, you must use the degree course name but state that the course has an integrated foundation year zero.

My circumstances have changed – how can I update my SFE application?

If your circumstances have changed (change of course/university), please ensure that you update your SFE application online as soon as possible and prior to your course start date.

How will SFE know when to release my maintenance loan?

We notify Student Finance England daily and systematically of all student registrations. We do not need to see a paper copy of your notification from Student Finance confirming your funding.

SLC say UWE Bristol needs to confirm my attendance

If this is the case, please contact an Information Point and tell them exactly what the issue is and what you have been told by Student Finance. This will help us to talk to Student Finance on your behalf, if necessary.

I’ve been awarded living cost funding – when will I receive the first instalment?

You will normally receive the first instalment of your maintenance loan within five working days of the first day of term, as long as you have registered and the correct details are available to us from Student Finance England.

If you registered later than the first day of term, you will receive your funding within five working days of us confirming your registration to Student Finance.

I am/am not going on placement this year – how does this affect my funding?

If you were registered on level 2 of a sandwich programme last year, Student Finance England will be expecting you to be doing a placement year this year and adjust your tuition fee and maintenance loans accordingly.

The funding for a placement is very different to funding for a year of study. It is important that your funding matches your intended study so that you are not overpaid by Student Finance England.

Not going on placement 

If you are not going on placement (either because you have told UWE Bristol or you have selected options for your final year in September) and have applied for the full amount of funding available, please notify Student Finance England.

Going on placement

Similarly, if you were registered on level 2 of a full-time course last year and are going on a placement year, please inform Student Finance and they will adjust your funding accordingly.

Please note that this will mean that your maintenance loan will be paid at a reduced rate from last year, due to being on placement.

SFE have told me that they are waiting for information from UWE Bristol – what do I need to do?

If this is the case, please contact an Information Point and tell them exactly what the issue is and what you have been told by Student Finance. This will help us to talk to Student Finance on your behalf if necessary.

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