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How your degree classification is calculated and how to estimate it yourself.

How your classification is calculated

Due to variations between the total credit requirements for different degree with honours awards, a single University-wide formula, which uses the same number of credits for all students, is used to calculate degree classifications.

The key features of the formula are:

  • Only the marks for 100 credits at level 3 and 100 credits at level 2 (or other level 3 credits) are included.
  • Marks for the 100 level 3 credits are weighted three times those at level 2 (or other level 3 credits).
  • Marks used are the best overall module marks you have achieved.

For the vast majority of students, the total credit requirement for a degree with honours is 360. Some programmes are exceptions to this, usually because a professional or statutory body has different or additional requirements to enable it to accredit the award. A Student Support Adviser will be able to explain any differences if they apply to you.

Foundation degrees

Your Foundation degree contributes 240 credits towards the total of 360, and you take the remaining 120 credits in year 3.

The classification for students who progress from a Foundation Degree to the final year of an honours degree will be calculated based only on the marks achieved in that year.

In the calculation, the best overall module marks for 100 credits achieved at level 3 are weighted three times those of the remaining 20 credits. 

Direct entrants (non Foundation Degrees)

Direct entrants to programmes should note that the marks or grades awarded by another institution do not contribute towards a classification for honours or to the granting of an award with merit or distinction. For the majority of direct entrant students the following will apply:

  • Direct entrants to Level 2 will have their honours degree classification calculated as per the single University-wide formula.
  • Direct entrants to Level 3 will have their honours degree classification based upon 120 credits, the best marks for 100 credits at level 3 being weighted at three times the value of the marks for the remaining 20 credits.

How to estimate your classification

You will receive your official classification after the examining boards have had opportunity to review your complete profile, consider any extenuating circumstances submitted, and apply any capping penalties that you may have incurred.

If you are waiting for your results and wish to calculate an estimate outcome based on the marks that you have received, you can use the 'Degree Classification Calculator' as a rough guide. Instructions can be found on the first page of the document.

Important note

The academic record system (ISIS) works with rounded marks, so there may be a small difference between your estimate and that of the academic record system.

Any outcome that you calculate is based solely on your selection of marks, and the University will not be bound by any calculation that you create. If you have any problems using this resource please contact a Student Support Adviser in the first instance.

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