Withdrawing from the University

Withdrawing from the University is when you leave your studies permanently or when you take time out from your studies temporarily.

Temporary and permanent withdrawal

Permanent withdrawal

A permanent withdrawal can take place at any point in an academic year.

Temporary withdrawal (suspension of studies)

A temporary withdrawal must be requested by the following dates:

  • September starters – deadline 07 April 2017.
  • January starters – deadline 04 August 2017.
  • April starters – deadline 10 November 2017.

If you are a Tier 4 visa student then you are expected to complete the current academic year before taking a temporary withdrawal so that an assessment can be made of your academic engagement, as required by the Home Office. We are required to make this assessment before we can produce your CAS for you to obtain a visa to return to your studies.

If you wish to withdraw temporarily you will be eligible to return, as long as your course is still running and you return within two calendar years. There is a possibility that your course may undergo substantial changes or stop running and this may affect your ability to return to your current course. You should also check any professional body restrictions on the time you are allowed to take to gain your qualifications.

Advice and support

You should always discuss your situation with a Student Support Adviser as there may be other options open to you.

The Money Advice Team is able to offer financial advice to students considering withdrawing temporarily or permanently.

The UWE Bristol Careers services could also provide support.


If you withdraw permanently or temporarily from the University, it is likely that you will incur some fee liability. Be aware that when you withdraw, if you have debts owing to the University that you cannot pay immediately, you should contact the Head of Financial Services with an explanation and an instalment payment proposal. The proposal may or may not be accepted, but in either case you will receive a reply to your request.

If you do not contact the Finance department, you may be pursued for these debts while you are withdrawn and be prevented from returning to your studies. If you are intending to return to your studies, a debt to the University will prevent you from registering on your course.

Please refer to the Tuition Fees Policy for further detail.

View our Fees and funding web pages for further information on all areas of fees and funding..


You will need to maintain contact with your funding body if you are temporarily withdrawn, and let them know when you intend to return to the University.

If you are a Student Finance-funded student, you will be asked to repay living cost funding paid for the period after the date of your withdrawal. The maintenance grant is intended to cover 365 days so if you withdraw before 31 August, you will be asked to repay some of the grant. If you withdraw before the end of the summer term, you will be asked to repay some of your maintenance loan.

If you do not repay this funding when requested, the amount will be deducted from your next instalment of funding when you return to your studies. For more information, contact a UWE Bristol Money Adviser.

If you are on an Education course, and receiving a bursary any payment made after the date of withdrawal/suspension will be reclaimed.

If you are in receipt of NHS funding, any payment made after the date of withdrawal/suspension will be reclaimed

International students

If you are an international student on a Tier 4 student visa then you need to seek advice regarding any visa implications before thinking about any changes to your registration status or studies eg withdrawal, suspension of studies or transfer of course.

Please seek advice from an Immigration Adviser or a member of the PBS Tier 4 Visa team by attending our Student Visa Support service.

It is very important that all Home Office visa requirements are considered before you make any decisions about changes to your studies.

Next steps

What to do if you have made the decision to either withdraw permanently or suspend your studies:

Please note: The official withdrawal or suspension of studies will only be actioned upon receipt of the relevant online form. The date will be recorded as the date the University receives the relevant notification.

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