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Assessments – frequently asked questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about assessments.

What is the deadline for submitting coursework? (including details about the 24-hour window)

The deadline for the submission of all assessed work is 14:00 normally on a Tuesday to Thursday, on a date specified at the start of each module.

Work submitted up to 24 hours after the deadline will incur a mark penalty. If you achieve a mark of more than 40% (levels 0–3), the penalised mark will be reduced to 40%. If you achieve a mark of more than 50% (level M), the penalised mark will be reduced to 50%.

Work cannot be submitted after this 24-hour window has passed and a non-submission will be recorded.

Is there any support for me if I am unable to meet a deadline or have a problem with an assessment?

Yes. UWE Bristol provides a range of support processes to help students who are encountering situations which impact on their ability to submit work or to attend assessments. View our additional assessment support options for further information.

How and where do I submit my coursework?

Online submission

You should receive specific instructions either online or in your module handbook on how you submit coursework at the start of each individual module.

Some modules may require you to submit your coursework online. If this is the case you will receive detailed instruction at the start of your module.

Information about your coursework and submission methods is also given in the myUWE Coursework sub-tab. View guidance for using myUWE.

Please note that you may not submit coursework by email.

Where coursework is submitted online this will normally be through the Blackboard virtual learning environment. It is important that you read and follow the instructions you are given about this, as it is your responsibility to submit files that staff can read and mark, and to submit them before the submission deadline. If you do not, your marks may suffer. View guidance for using Blackboard.

  • You may submit to the assignment as many times as you wish, but only the last submission you make will be assessed.
  • If your last submission is after the deadline but within the 24-hour late submission period, this submission will be the one marked and not any earlier versions. The mark penalty will apply.
  • The date and time of your submission is taken from the Blackboard server and is recorded when your submission is complete, not when you click submit.

If your coursework is not received by the deadline, or within 24 hours of that time, you will see a non-submission on your record.

Submission of hard copies

Where there is a requirement for coursework to be submitted as a hard copy, this is usually done via submission boxes located at your campus. For Frenchay-based students, the submission boxes are located at the Coursework Hub, Level 1 of A Block (underpass area).

Some items of coursework (for example, posters or dissertations) are not submitted via a submission box, and you will be notified of the arrangements for these at the start of the module.

Submission by post

Where there is a requirement for coursework to be submitted as a hard copy and you submit your coursework by post you must obtain proof of postage (for example, by using Recorded Delivery) noting the date and time of postage.

For students based at Bower Ashton Campus:

Student Administration Team
Room 0C49a
UWE Bristol, Bower Ashton Campus
Kennel Lodge Road
Off Clanage Road
Bower Ashton
Bristol, BS3 2JT

For students based at Frenchay Campus:

Student Administration Team
Room 1A9
UWE Bristol, Frenchay Campus
Coldharbour Lane
Bristol, BS16 1QY

For students based at Glenside Campus:

Student Administration Team
Room 2B24
UWE Bristol, Glenside Campus
Blackberry Hill
Stapleton, BS16 1DD

For students based at UWE Bristol, Gloucester Campus:

UWE Bristol, Gloucester Campus
Room AW002
Alexandra Warehouse
West Quay
Gloucester Docks
Gloucester, GL1 2LG.

For students based at University Centre Hartpury:

Academic Systems
Hartpury College
GL19 3BE

Where do I collect my marked coursework if it was submitted as a hard copy?

If you submitted a hard copy of your coursework, you will be sent an email advising you when your coursework is ready for collection.

  • Students based at Frenchay Campus can collect their work from the Coursework Hub in the A Block underpass. The service is available between 9:00 and 17:00 Monday to Thursday, and 09:00 to 16:30 on Friday.
  • Students based at Bower Ashton can collect their work from room 0C49a. Please check the notice board at the submission point for details of the collection times.

Please note: You must bring your ID card with you in order to claim your work.

What is the pass mark for a module?

Each piece of assessment for a module, an essay for example, is known as an element of assessment. Whilst you do not have to pass each element in its own right (unless there is a professional body requirement to do so) elements are grouped together into components and you are required to reach a particular standard in a component. All modules have one or two components and the overall mark for each component is calculated from the weighted average of all elements associated with it.

You have to get 40% (levels 0–3) or 50% (level M) overall to pass the entire module as well as 35% to pass a component at levels 0–3 and 40% to pass a component at level M. If there is just one component, the mark for it is also the mark for the whole module, if there are two components, the mark for the module is calculated from the weighted average of both. Component weightings are set out in the module specification.

What happens if I submit work up to 24 hours after the deadline?

Work submitted up to 24 hours after the deadline will incur a mark penalty. If you achieve a mark of more than 40% (levels 0–3), the penalised mark will be reduced to 40%, if you achieve a mark of more than 50% (level M), the penalised mark will be reduced to 50%. Work cannot be submitted after this 24-hour window has passed and a non-submission will be recorded.

What happens if I cannot submit online due to a critical systems failure?

The following actions will only be considered in cases where there is no access to critical systems (defined as Blackboard, myUWE and UWE Bristol networks) for more than five minutes in the final two hours before submission.

If there is a temporary loss of access to online coursework submission caused by a critical systems failure, the University may decide to take the following action:

  • ALL deadlines for work submitted online will be extended by an additional 24 hours.
  • ALL deadlines for assessments that are not submitted online will be extended by an additional 24 hours (due to the potential for losing access to Blackboard materials).
  • ALL deadlines where students have already been given an extension under Reasonable Adjustments will be extended by an additional 24 hours.
  • If the extension falls on a Saturday or a public holiday then it will last until 14:00 on the next working day.

Students will be advised of the extended deadlines via messages on Blackboard, myUWE, the information screens and posters around the Coursework Hub.

Please note that this process does not cover interruptions to:

  • other UWE Bristol services
  • residency networks
  • equipment and services not supplied by UWE Bristol (eg students' domestic network access, personal computers).
Interruptions or system failures limited to student labs are not covered, and the responsibility to submit on time remains with students.

What is capping?

If you need to resit a component/s or retake a module and you then pass it, the mark is capped at 40% (levels 0–3) or 50% (level M), unless you have extenuating circumstances accepted which have enabled the exam board to uncap your mark. However, if a piece of work or a module has previously been capped due to an earlier failure, the marks of the resit or retake cannot be uncapped even if you have extenuating circumstances accepted for the latest resit or retake.

What happens if I need a resit or retake?

If you need to resit a module, you will be assessed again for the entire component/s you have not passed, even if you passed some of the work at the first sit. You do not need to pay for a resit. If you need to use a further attempt (retake), you will have to redo all assessments and pay for the whole module again. No marks can be carried over from one attempt to the next, even if extenuating circumstances have been accepted.

If you have a resit, this is shown in your academic record using a code. For example:

  • 1RA – This is your first attempt at the module and you need to resit component A
  • 1RB – This is your first attempt at the module and you need to resit component B
  • 1RALL – This is your first attempt at the module and you need to resit all components

If the code starts with a ‘2’, that means it is your second attempt at the module. A ‘3’ would mean your third attempt and so on.

How do I find out about my resit coursework?

Module leaders are responsible for providing you with details of resit coursework. It may be that they have already informed you of what you need to do, or it may be posted in Blackboard.

If you have not received details of your resit coursework within 14 days of the publication of your results you must contact your Student Administration Team (SAT) immediately.

How do I find out about my exam timetable?

Exam timetables are published via myUWE four to six weeks in advance of the assessment periods. Dates of the assessment periods are published on the UWE Bristol website in advance of the academic year, but some exams take place outside University standard assessment periods – you should be informed of these at the start of the module.

When do I find out my exam results?

View Awards Board and results publication dates.

Marks for exams that take place within the standard assessment periods will be published following the exam boards. Marks for exams that take place at other times should be released within four weeks of the date of the exam.

When should I notify the University of my additional support needs?

You should notify an Assistant Disability Adviser (ADA) of your needs by the allotted deadlines. If you notify us of your additional support requirements after these deadlines, the University cannot guarantee that reasonable adjustments will be made for you to sit your examinations.

If you need emergency additional support arrangements, for example as a result of an accident, the University will make every effort to arrange them regardless of when your request is made. If you have a serious infectious illness such as mumps, measles or chickenpox, you should not attend the University even to sit an examination.

It is your responsibility to make the University aware of your needs and to provide appropriate evidence.

Find out more about Disability Service at UWE Bristol.

Module structure and the calculation of module marks

The way in which a module is structured and how individual assessment contributes towards the overall module outcome is outlined in our 'Passing a module part one' film.

Details on how the overall module mark is calculated and what marks are needed to pass are outlined in the 'Passing a module part two' film.

When will I get my feedback?

All students have a minimum entitlement to assessment feedback on their assessed work. Normally you should get marks and feedback within 20 working days (excluding University closure days) following the deadline for submission of the assessment. This period may be shorter or longer for some forms of assessment. 

Where the period is greater than 20 working days, you will be informed of the deadline and the reason.

Make sure you find out arrangements for the return of your marked work.

How do I receive my marks?

All of your coursework and exam marks are published in myUWE

Unconfirmed marks will be released to students via myUWE as soon as they are available. Please note that unconfirmed marks are subject to moderation by the examining board, so they may still go up or down. For this reason, please do not contact your module leader about unconfirmed exam marks that have been individually released in myUWE.

The final agreed mark will be confirmed to you on the official publication date once the examining board process is complete.

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