Extenuating circumstances eligibility


Normally you cannot apply for extenuating circumstances for assessments you have already completed.

This is because by choosing to submit an assessment or attend an exam, you made a judgement that you were fit to do so. The implication is that there were no extenuating circumstances present which could have adversely affected you.

Any extenuating circumstances you applied for before the assessment, or that you apply for after the assessment will be rejected if you decided to go ahead with the exam or submit the assessment. The mark you achieve will stand.


There are two exceptions where extenuating circumstances could be accepted for assessments you have already completed:

  1. You have a certified condition or circumstance (or are subsequently diagnosed), which would have meant you were unable to exercise the judgement necessary at the time to deem yourself well enough to take an assessment (eg mental health difficulties, bereavement or chronic medical condition).
  2. You fell ill during an assessment taking place under controlled conditions.

If your extenuating circumstances are accepted under one of these exceptions, your mark for the assessment will be removed but your extenuating circumstances will be retained for consideration by the exam board.

Do you feel that either of these two exceptions apply to you?

No Yes

If you’re unsure as to whether these exceptions apply to you, please contact an Information Point for advice.

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