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Extenuating Circumstances

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If you experience something major that affects your ability to sit an exam or submit a piece of coursework, you may be eligible to apply for Extenuating Circumstances.

It is perfectly acceptable to ask for assistance and we encourage you to inform us as soon as you can so we can support you in making your decisions about how best to manage your studies.

This page provides guidance on Extenuating Circumstances, including:

When can I use Extenuating Circumstances?

You will be able to use the Extenuating Circumstances process if something major happens to you that:

  • Is unforeseeable, significantly disruptive and beyond your control.
  • Relates to a specific piece of assessment or examination.
  • Adversely affects your performance (including non-submission).

For examples of circumstances which are not eligible for consideration under the extenuating circumstances process download the Non-Extenuating Circumstances document.

Five working day extensions for coursework

If you experience a bereavement, serious illness or accident that has the potential to affect your ability to submit an individual piece of coursework, you may be eligible to apply for a five working day extension under a new pilot scheme.

How can Extenuating Circumstances help?

The Extenuating Circumstances process can help to make the impact of non-attendance of an examination or non-submission of assessment less severe.

Depending on the course you are on, the process can support you in the following ways:

  • Allow you to re-sit a module where the regulations would not normally permit it.
  • Where appropriate, permit you a retake of a module (module fee will apply). You should provide the same evidence of your circumstances to Student Finance to secure additional years’ of funding. Contact the Money Advice and Funds Service for advice about the Student Finance Extenuating Circumstances process.
  • Permit the mark from a resit or retake to be uncapped (unless previously capped).

How to apply

Extenuating Circumstances will only be processed with appropriate evidence. Any Extenuating Circumstances application received without evidence will not be considered and students will be advised to forward forms once they have their evidence ready.

To apply for Extenuating Circumstances, you will need to complete the Extenuating Circumstances form (EC1).

On the form you should:

  • Describe the difficulty you have had, including the dates of relevant events.
  • Describe the impact on your studies.
  • Provide supporting evidence of the problem you are describing, such as a medical certificate. See our Extenuating Circumstances evidence guidance for details. If there is a charge for providing copies of supporting evidence and you are in financial hardship, contact the Money Advice and Funds Service.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct module code, name and element of assessment.


Hartpury students

Hartpury students should contact the Hartpury student advice team to check local arrangements.

Students at international partner institutions

For students studying at international partner institutions where UWE regulations apply, your local administration office will be able to provide the final deadline information prior to each examining board period.

PG Diploma Law Programmes

Students studying on the PG Diploma Law Programmes (BPTC, GDL or LPC) are subject to different submission forms and deadlines as detailed on their relevant Blackboard pages.

Application form guidance and support

You can get advice about completing your form, or alternative evidence, from a Student Support Adviser. To arrange an appointment:

When to submit your application

Your submission should be made in advance of an assessment. However, if your circumstances make this impossible, it must be as close as possible to the deadline of the affected assessment(s).

Final deadlines for applications

There are also final deadlines for making Extenuating Circumstances applications once module teaching and assessment has been completed. These are:

  • Modules completed by the end of assessment period 1: 14:00, 13 February 2015
  • Modules completed by the end of assessment period 2: 14:00, 12 June 2015
  • Modules completed by the end of assessment period 3: 14:00, 31 July 2015
  • Modules completed by the end of assessment period 4: 14:00, 21 August 2015

Please note: these deadlines do not apply to students studying BPTC/GDL/LPC law programmes.

Late applications

Applications for Extenuating Circumstances made after the relevant examining board has met will not be considered. If exceptional conditions exist which justify a late application, this must be dealt with via the University’s Academic Appeals procedure.

Additional applications

If your application is successful, and further assessments or examinations are affected by the same problem, you will need to complete a fresh Extenuating Circumstances form (EC1).

* If there is a charge for providing copies of supporting evidence, the cost must be incurred by you. If you are in financial hardship, you may be able to get some help from the Student Financial Advice Service.

Academic appeals

Alternative assessment arrangements

If you have a disability, temporary disability, severe illness or are in a period of pregnancy or maternity which has a substantial effect on your capacity to study and/or take assessments, contact the Disability Service to find out how we can help.

Application form

Extenuating Circumstances form (EC1)

Updates regarding the 2015/2016 academic year

Important information regarding extenuating circumstances

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