Current projects

Staff from the Science Communication Unit work on a wide range of projects, as researchers and practitioners of science communication.


Careful is exploring the potential of drama to help student nurses explore and reflect on their roles as carers.

Children as Engineers - Paired Peer Mentors in Primary Schools

This project pairs student engineers and pre-service teachers to undertake engineering design challenges in primary schools.


ClairCity is an innovative project involving thousands of people in cities across Europe, enabling us all to decide the best local options for a future with clean air and lower carbon emissions. ClairCity is funded by the European Union.

DRY – Drought Risk and You

A multi-disciplinary team are developing an innovative drought science-narrative resource that can be used in decision-making for drought risk management. SCU is involved in two specific research projects: one explores barriers and enablers to drought communication and the other is considering how best to engage stakeholders in this type of interdisciplinary project. SCU is also involved with the citizen science and public engagement aspects of DRY, supporting researchers in developing and delivering activities.

European Robotics League

The European Robotics League (ERL) is a novel common framework for two indoor robotics competitions, ERL Industrial Robots and ERL Service Robots, and one outdoor robotics competition, ERL Emergency Robots. 

INSPIRE: In-situ processes in resource extraction from waste repositories

Our objective is to understand and manipulate the in-situ biogeochemistry of waste within waste repositories (eg landfills, industrial waste, municipal solid waste, metallurgical and mining waste) to recover valuable resources by leaching and other treatments whilst the material lies in situ, thus avoiding the need to actively extract the material and thereby minimise ecological and environmental impacts.

Royal Astronomical Society RAS200: Evaluation of Outreach and Engagement

To create a buzz around Astronomy and Earth Sciences leading up to the 200 year anniversary celebrations in 2020, the Royal Astronomical Society is funding various tranches of outreach and engagement activities all over the UK. We are carrying out the evaluation of these activities as part of a team led by Jenesys Associates.

Science for Environment Policy

With funding from the European Commission, a team of six staff produce weekly news alerts on environmental research for policy makers, researchers and the public. The newsletter has over 20,000 subscribers, and we also produce thematic issues and in-depth reports.

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