Meet the Gene Machine

About Meet the Gene Machine

Meet the Gene Machine was a lively drama and discussion event designed to raise awareness of the ethical implications raised by advances in medical genetics. The project was delivered nationally between October 2006 and March 2008 funded by The Wellcome Trust. Working with eight UK Science Centres, the project aimed to reach over 12,000 students, as well as their teachers.

Meet the script

The Gene Machine script has been revised and updated. If you would like to facilitate the drama and discussion in your school or youth group you can download the Meet the Gene Machine script.

Meet the Gene Machine CPD resources

Meet the Gene Machine was accompanied by a Continuing Professional Development workshop for teachers from any discipline. Designed to help teachers consider how they can use debate and discussion skills in the classroom, the materials can also be downloaded here:

Meet the Gene Machine evaluation resources

Meet the Gene Machine was evaluated throughout the duration of the project and a full report will be available here soon. In the meantime, the resources below are examples of the evaluation materials used on this project.

You can also find resources from the Meet the Gene Machine project at the National STEM Centre website.

Evaluation report

Meet the Gene Machine was evaluated throughout the duration of the project. This report documents the outcome of that evaluation: Meet The Gene Machine: UK-wide roll out evalution report

Meet our collaborators and advisory group

With funding from the Wellcome Trust, and a variety of specialist partners, this project took 'Meet the Gene machine' across the UK.

Project Team: The Science Communication Unit, UWE, Bristol

  • Professor Frank Burnet - Professor of Science Communication and Principle Investigator
  • Karen Bultitude - Lecturer in Science Communication at UCL and co-Investigator
  • Clare Wilkinson - Senior Lecturer in Science Communication and co-Investigator
  • Laura Strieth - Project Coordinator


Meet the Gene Machine was delivered through eight key science centres in the UK:

Advisory Group:

The advisory group for the project comprised:

  • Ben Johnson (Science Communicator)
  • Dr. Anita Shaw (Science Communicator) WISE in Wales
  • Kate Mathieson (Genetics Counsellor) The Nowgen Centre
  • Ainsley Newsome (ethicist) University of Bristol, 
  • Neil Avent (geneticist) Centre for Research in Biomedicine UWE
  • Toby Hulse (Script Writer & Theatre Director)
  • David Weeks (Teacher) Churchill Community School.

External Evaluator:

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