Writing for Different Audiences

Session Overview

Good writing starts with the audience, this session will look at the needs and interests of different audiences and how to grab their attention.

In this session, participants will build their knowledge of the needs of different types of readers. How can writing be adapted to cater for the needs and interests of different types of audiences, from children to policy makers or science interested adults? The focus of the session will be on adapting specific pieces to meet the needs of different audiences, highlighting issues such as the importance of making the piece both understandable and relevant to the reader.

Minimum Duration: Two hours
Maximum Duration: Four hours

Minimum Participants: Five
Maximum Participants: Fifteen

Resources Required: PowerPoint facilities, flipcharts, pens, room layout conducive to group work.

Pre-requisite: Prior knowledge or experience of science communication or Science in the Print Media

UK and International Delivery.

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