Postgraduate research award ceremonies

This page aims to provide details on the final requirements in order for successful PGR students to attend the July 2017 or November 2017 (subject to change) Award Ceremonies.

July 2017 and November 2017 ceremonies

The University holds two award ceremonies per year. The award ceremonies for the academic year 2016/2017 will be held in July and November 2017. Full details of forthcoming ceremonies can be found on the Award Ceremonies webpages.

Postgraduate (PG) Researchers who have had their degree awarded at or before the June meeting of the Research Degrees Award Board (RDAB) may be eligible to attend the July (or a later) Award Ceremony. PG Researchers who have had their degree awarded at or before the October meeting of the Research Degrees Award Board (RDAB) may be eligible to attend a November (or a later) Award Ceremony.

The deadline for fulfilling all requirements of the Academic Regulations in order for the Award Board to attend the next available Award Ceremony is as follows:

  • For the July Award Ceremony: 12:00 on 12 June 2017
  • For the November Award Ceremony: 12:00 on 10 October 2017

Candidates who are unable to attend a forthcoming award ceremony or whose degree was awarded at a board after the deadline dates as notes above may be eligible to attend the following ceremony.

Requirements for attendance

Before a PG Researcher can attend an Award Ceremony they must have:

  1. had the outcome of their viva voce confirmed by a previous award board
  2. had any amendments approved by the relevant examiners
  3. uploaded the final version of their thesis to the UWE Research Repository once permission has been granted by the PGR Assessments Manager
  4. had your thesis made live on the UWE Research Repository
  5. submitted a completed RD15 to the Graduate School Office
  6. only if a PG Researcher wishes to attend an award ceremony must they submit the relevant synopsis information (see below) to by
    1. 12:00 on Monday 12 June 2017 for the July 2017 award ceremonies or
    2. 12:00 on Monday 9 October 2017 for the November 2017 award ceremonies

The Award Board will then consider approving the completion of the award. Please note that before an award can be granted, PG Researchers are required to fulfil all requirements of the Academic Regulations.

Invitation to the next Award Ceremony

An invitation to attend the next Award Ceremony will be sent to PG Researchers' UWE student email address by the Award Ceremony organisers. As PG Researchers are not eligible to attend until their award has been approved, final allocation of the ceremony will be confirmed by the relevant faculty following approval by the Award Board. More information is available on the Award Ceremonies webpages.

Once the PG Researcher has registered to graduate and received their confirmation email, they can hire robes from Ede and Ravenscroft (details on the Award Ceremonies webpages). If students need a letter for guests to support a visa application, please email with the necessary information.

Synopses of research

The synopses are only required if the PG Researcher is attending an award ceremony. PG Researchers should write a first draft, and forward it to their Director of Studies for final agreement.  Once approved the Director of Studies should then forward it to  by the deadline detailed above.  Your full synopses will consist of:

  • Your full name
  • Your degree to be awarded eg, Doctor of Philosophy, Professional Doctorate in ..., Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy by Publication, Master of Philosophy by Publication
  • The thesis title of your research
  • A maximum of 250 word synopsis of the research for inclusion in the award ceremony programme
  • A maximum of a 50 word synopsis about the research to be read at the award ceremony.

Travel to award ceremonies

PG Researchers are strongly advised NOT to book any travel to an Award Ceremony until the award has been made by the Award Board. No PG Researcher may graduate at an Award Ceremony without the approval of an Award Board.

Members of staff

Members of UWE staff with permanent contracts undertaking a research degree must register to attend through the standard invitation email. This applies even if they have registered to attend a ceremony as a staff member. Staff should also contact to arrange robe hire. All other information above still stands.

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