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Professor Richard Luxton

Professor Richard Luxton

Professor Richard Luxton is Director of Institute of Bio-Sensing Technology 

Richard has appeared as part of a guest panel on science focused programmes, and interviewed locally and nationally, including on BBC Radio 4 and Radio Bristol.

“It is the interface between existing disciplines that are the most exciting places where new ideas can be developed and explored. At UWE Bristol, it is the interface between biology and electronics that has been most fruitful in producing new technologies that can solve real world problems.

"Also, the interdisciplinary approach to new discoveries brings me into contact with scientists and researchers from other fields, and this greatly expands my horizons and deepens the realisation that all of science is interconnected.

"In my view, the key to future discoveries is in understanding and applying technologies and knowledge from multiple disciplines. We should not be afraid to step outside our comfort zone to explore new worlds."

See Richard's staff profile.

Areas of expertise

  • Biosensors
  • Diagnostics
  • Blood testing

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