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Mike Jempson

Mike Jempson

Mike Jempson is a senior lecturer in journalism at UWE Bristol, and also Director of the journalism ethics charity, MediaWise, which helps those with complaints about the media.

He is UK lead for a 14-nation study of media accountability and transparency, Vice-Chair of the NUJ Ethics Council, the longest-serving member of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom Council, and advisor to a Glasgow University study of the history of the Musicians’ Union.

A journalist for almost four decades, he has devised and delivered training programmes in more than 45 countries working with EU and UN agencies, the International Federation of Journalists, etc.

The author of several books, his reports, handbooks and guidelines (notably on coverage of children, diversity, health, human rights, refugees, suicide, and on media regulation and press freedom) are in use internationally.

“I believe press freedom is a responsibility exercised by journalists on behalf of the public, yet from my early days as journalist I was aware that some cut corners and put their own interests first, " says Mike, who made several submissions to the Leveson Inquiry.

"It always irked me that members of the public have no redress when journalists get things wrong. Very often they are society’s most vulnerable, who can’t afford legal action. It has been an important part of my work to help redress the balance."

"For almost 20 years at MediaWise (originally called PressWise), we were a lonely voice calling for reform of the regulatory system, cataloguing often appalling breaches of journalism ethics, and assisting complainants. I am hoping that public revulsion at the phone hacking scandal will make a difference within the trade. I see my work with the next generation of journalists as a contribution to a change for the better." 

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Areas of expertise

  • Media and journalism
  • Journalism ethics
  • Media policy and regulation

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