Law experts

Area of expertise Contact
Access to justice Professor Ed Cape
Arbitration law Elena Blanco
Armed conflict Dr Noelle Quenivet
Banking and finance law Dr Nic Ryder
  Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
Banking reform Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
Banking and regulation Dr Nic Ryder
  Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
Business structures Karen Moore
Charity law Richard Clements
Child Abuse Dr Lauren Devine
  Stephen Parker
Child law Sue Heenan
Child protection Dr Lauren Devine
  Stephen Parker
Child soldiers Dr Noelle Quenivet
Civil and commercial litigation Susan Holland
Commercial law Lachmi Singh
Commonwealth cybercrime Dr Clare Chambers-Jones

Commonwealth Law

Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
Consumer credit regulation Dr Nic Ryder
Consumer law Adrian Chandler
Constitutional law Richard Clements
Constitutional law and reform Richard Edwards
Constitutional political history Richard Edwards
Contract law Lachmi Singh
Counter terrorism Dr. Umut Turksen
Courtroom procedures/cross-examination Phil Rumney
Credit unions Dr Nic Ryder
Criminal defence rights Professor Ed Cape
Criminal evidence Professor Ed Cape
  Roy Spencer Douglas
Criminal evidence litigation Professor Ed Cape
Criminal justice Professor Ed Cape
  Richard Edwards
  Roy Spencer Douglas
Criminal litigation Professor Ed Cape
  Roy Spencer Douglas
Criminal procedure Professor Ed Cape
Cyber financial crime Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
Deliberative democracy and related issues (eg citizens’ juries) Simon Thompson
Divorce Sue Heenan
Drink-driving Roy Light
Economics of UK legal system Anthony Plumridge
Employment law Tim Angell
  James Holland
Energy trade Dr. Umut Turksen
Entertainment industry law Marcus Keppel-Palmer
Environmental protection in armed conflict Dr Onita Das
Environmental law Dr Ben Pontin
Environmental law - international/ EU/civil Christian Dadomo
  Benjamin Pontin
EU Competition law Richard Ball
  Christian Dadomo
EU Immigration and Asylum Law Richard Ball
EU Law Richard Ball
  Christian Dadomo
European Union Law Dr. Umut Turksen
European Convention of Human Rights Christian Dadomo
European internal market (free movement of goods, services, persons capital) Christian Dadomo
Expert evidence and miscarriages of justice Dr Lauren Devine
False allegations Phil Rumney
  Dr Lauren Devine
Family businesses Karen Moore
Family Law Sue Heenan
Financial crime Dr Mary Alice Young
Financial crime and compliance Dr. Umut Turksen
Financial intelligence Dr Mary Alice Young
Fraud and sharp practice in organisational behaviour Anthony Plumridge
Free Movement of Persons and Goods Richard Ball
French Law Christian Dadomo
German employment law Frances Winch
Globalisation Elena Blanco
Human fertilisation and embryology Sue Heenan
Human rights Richard Clements
  Effie Pedaliu
  Christien van den Anker
Human rights act Richard Edwards
Human rights and the environment Evadne Grant
Islamic banking and finance Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
Intellectual Property Law Richard Ball 
International banking and finance Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
International commercial disputes Elena Blanco
International economic law and foreign direct investment Elena Blanco
International Family Law Elena Blanco
International Sales Law Lachmi Singh
International trades Law Elena Blanco
  Lachmi Singh
International trade and economic law Dr. Umut Turksen
IT Law Mark O’Brien
Law relating to travelling people Mark O’Brien
Legal Aid Professor Ed Cape
  Roy Spencer Douglas
  Caroline Maughan
Legal education – via virtual worlds and new innovative immersive teaching practices Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
Legal ethics Susan Holland
Legal services Karen Moore
Legal skills Sue Heenan
Malaysian law Maylene Ann Jalleh
Male rape and sexual assault victims Phil Rumney
Marriage and civil partnerships Sue Heenan
Marine environment law Tom Appleby
Maternity rights in the EU Frances Winch
Money Laundering Dr Mary Alice Young
Multinational corporations - liability, litigation and regulation Elena Blanco
Music Industry law Alan Coulthard
  Marcus Keppel-Palmer
Nuisance/mixed use town planning Benjamin Pontin
Offshore financial centres Dr Mary Alice Young
Personal insolvency Karen Moore
Policing Professor Ed Cape
  Roy Spencer Douglas
Policing and rape Phil Rumney
Property rights Tom Appleby
Public law Richard Clements
  Mark O’Brien
Press freedom Richard Edwards
Rape and sexual offending - law and policy issues Professor Phil Rumney
Rape case attrition Professor Phil Rumney
Rape sentencing Professor Phil Rumney
Right to silence Professor Ed Cape
  Roy Spencer Douglas
Right to Water Evadne Grant
Safeguarding Dr Lauren Devine
  Stephen Parker
Sentencing Professor Phil Rumney
Sexual offences within the criminal justice system Professor Phil Rumney
Shipping Lachmi Singh
Small solicitors’ firms Peter Williams
Social attitudes towards rape Phil Rumney
Social and Economic Rights Evadne Grant
South African Bill of Rights Evadne Grant
Spanish law Elena Blanco
Sustainable development Dr Onita Das
The relationship between the credit crunch and white collar crime Dr Nic Ryder
Transnational organised crime Dr Mary Alice Young
Trust law Richard Clements
Victims and offenders Professor Phil Rumney
Virtual property and assets Dr Umut Turksen
Virtual world cyber crime Dr Clare Chambers-Jones
White collar crime including money laundering, fraud, terrorist financing, prevention and policy Dr Nic Ryder
Youth debt Karen Moore

Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities for disabled people Sandra Manley
Equal opportunities for women and ethnic minorities Ann De Graft-Johnson
Implications of the disability discrimination act Sandra Manley

Gender Issues


Gender and class identities in relation to consumer culture Angela Partington
Gender in History Peter Fleming
Gender issues in organisations Mike Broussine
Gender issues in the built environment Ann De Graft-Johnson
Languages and gender Kate Beeching

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