Copyright and commercial use

The Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 permit limited copying for the purposes of non-commercial research. If the copying is for a commercial purpose, the conditions described below apply. Further guidance on what constitutes 'commercial use' is available on the British Library web site.

Photocopying material in the library

Copying from print materials for a commercial purpose is subject to the CLA's Library Licence scheme. The scheme requires the completion of a form and a charge of £12.30. The copying of articles or chapters may be subject to exceptions and exclusions.

Copying for commercially-funded research

Provisions under the CLA HE Licence do permit photocopies and digitised copies to be made for the purpose of a university's commercially funded research, eg a contract or collaborative research project, or consultancy. Costs for such use are now covered in the University's licence subscription.

Accessing electronic content

The library subscribes to many electronic journals, e-book providers, and databases which are subject to their own licence terms and conditions. These subscriptions are generally negotiated for educational use and non-commercial research purposes only. 

If access is required for commercial use, it is prudent to make contact with the service provider and to negotiate a special agreement for a period of time. Keep a written record of this agreement.

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