Responding to your feedback

You said...

In feedback you told us you wanted:

  • Library space that inspires study and learning
  • The main texts and readings I need for my work
  • A haven for study, learning and research
  • An online catalogue which makes it easy to find materials
  • Electronic resources accessible from home/office
  • Electronic information resources I need
  • Modern equipment that lets me access needed information
  • Access to print/electronic journals
  • Ability to navigate web pages easily

What we have been doing...

In response we have made lots of changes, including:

  • Updated search function on Library Search to improve the ability to locate print and electronic information.
  • Continued investment in e-resources.
  • Extended opening hours at Bower Ashton Library and Glenside Library.
  • Improvements to the referencing web pages.
  • Increased the availability of rooms for study when not in use for teaching at Frenchay Library.
  • Creating a dedicated research space in Frenchay Library.
  • Increased numbers of learning zones, including Glenside and B Block at Frenchay
  • Introduced laptop loans at campuses to improve availability of IT for students
  • Working with IT Services on improving the wireless network throughout the campus

What else?

In addition to above we are also working on the following projects:

  • Additional improvements to Bower Ashton Library following the recent refurbishment.
  • Redevelopment of Frenchay Library
  • Redevelopment of Glenside Library during summer 2016.

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