Open-access textbooks

There are a number of projects around the world aiming to develop high-quality libraries of open-access textbooks suitable for Further Education and Higher Education. The books are generally free to use, free to copy, and free to modify.

Why open-access textbooks?

Open-access textbooks can provide real cost savings to students, with textbooks costing students up to £400 per year. Free at point of use textbooks of equivalent quality can be sourced through a variety of open-access platforms. These can be linked to from reading list software ( to provide an easy route for student access.

Open-access textbook websites

  • Open Textbook Library for textbooks on business and management; computer science and information systems; education; engineering; humanities and languages; journalism, media studies and communications; law; mathematics and statistics; health; sciences; and social sciences. 
  • BC Campus for textbooks on arts; business and management; health; sciences; and social sciences.
  • Open Stax for textbooks on humanities; mathematics and statistics; sciences; and social sciences.
  • OAPEN for textbooks on business and management; earth sciences; humanities and languages; law; literature; and social sciences.

Search for open-access textbooks

You can search for open-access textbooks in the library search.

Recommending an open-access textbook to your students

  • Add it to your reading list at
  • Contact the Library for advice on copyright at They will also back a copy up if necessary.
  • Join the open-access textbooks mailing list at UWE Bristol.

Are you using open-textbooks now?

If so, please e-mail

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