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The library search will instantly search the following:

It's google-like, intuitive and easy to use. Give it a go!

How to searchLibrary search example

Try entering some keywords in the search box, eg: 

  • words from the title
  • or an author's name
  • a particular topic
  • a phrase "in quotes"

Or look at this video - introduction to library search - for more detailed advice.

Is my database included?

Look at the databases: by subject / A-Z pages to find out if your favourite database is included, or to connect to any database directly.

Search beyond the library's collection

The library can't afford to buy everything! 

Add results beyond your library's collection

If you want to see what else might be available, tick Add results beyond your library's collection in the list of search results.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Page last updated 13 February 2014

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