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Book a PC: FAQs

What is the booking system for?

The Library uses the 'myPC' booking system for many computers and group study rooms though most are still 'open access'.

Please note that if you just want to use a group study room without using the PC you will still need to log in so that you don't lose your booking.

Where are bookable computers located?

Bookable computers can be identified by a notice on the partitions and monitors stating either 'myPC advance bookings' or 'myPC Quick print'. 

How much time do I have?


  • Level 3 and 5 computers: 3 hours.
  • Level 4 group study tables and rooms: 2 hours.
  • 'Quick print' computers: 15 minutes (not bookable in advance).


  • Assistive Technology Room (1D04): 3 hours.
  • Rest of Glenside: 3 hours.

N.B. If you log off, you cannot log onto a myPC computer in that area for 30 minutes (15 minutes for 'Quick print' computers).

How many sessions can I book?

You can book up to 3 sessions, up to 7 days in advance. Sessions cannot be consecutive. 

How far in advance can I book?

You can book up to 7 days in advance.

Where do I book a PC?



  • Level 2: by staircase 7
  • Level 3: at the IT Support Centre
  • Level 4: by the group study rooms (bay 402).


  • At the booking PC on the ground floor, near the 'Welcome desk'.

How do I make an booking online?

  1. Log in at
    myPC login box
  2. If booking for another day, select the desired date
    myPC date selector
  3. Looking in the area of interest (e.g. 'Level 4 Group Study' or 'Library Level 3') click a free time on the calendar (shown with a white background)
    Selecting a free period
  4. Select the start and finish time, make a note of the Station number and click 'Save'
    Booking dialog box
  5. Logout using the link in the top right-hand corner.

What if I'm late?

You must attend the booking within 15 minutes of the start time or your booking will be lost.

What if I have a problem?

Don't log off, as this will close your session, and during peak times you will not be able to log back onto an advance booking PC for 30 minutes.

Please contact a member of the IT Support Centre staff for assistance. If your PC crashes, power it off and on by holding down the power button and you should be able to carry on working. If there is some equipment failure we will do our best to get you access to a PC but this may not always be possible.

What are the 'Quick print' computers?

These are myPC controlled computers which allow users to quickly print out documents. They have a 15 minute usage, 10 minute no return policy.

At Frenchay, they are located on level 2 by staircase 8 (opposite the Enquiry Desk) and on levels 3, 4 and 5 in the copier/printer rooms.

What about other computers in the library?

Apart from those computers mentioned above, all other machines have no restrictions.

What about other campus libraries?

A decision about Bower Ashton will be made based on experiences and feedback fromother campuses.

Page last updated 7 October 2014

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