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There is a system called UWE Password Manager that you can use to reset your password, should you forget it. The first time you log in to the UWE network, it is recommended that you set up your Password Manager Q&A profile. You can then use it to change your password. Without setting up this profile, you will need to contact the IT Support Centre to ask them to help you reset your password, if you forget it.

How to set up the Q&A Profile?

Please set up your profile by double-clicking on the Change Your Password icon which may be placed on your desktop or within the Start Menu. This will bring up the UWE Password Manager web interface. Alternatively, you can go straight to the interface by typing into a web browser's address bar. To set up your Q & A Profile, please choose the option My Questions and Answers Profile.

What does the UWE Password Manager Interface do?

When you get to the Password Manager interface, type in your username and click OK.

  • Choose the option "My Questions and Answers Profile".
  • Type in your current password and click the Next button.
  • You will then be able to choose from a list of questions and provide personal answers to them.
  • Should you forget your password in future and need to use the UWE Password Manager to reset your password, you will be asked two of these questions. So, please use sensible answers that you will remember!
  • The third question must be specified by you. You can enter pretty much anything you like, as long as you remember what the answer is. Finally, click the Finish button. If successful, you will see a screen saying you have finished setting up your profile.

How to change your password?

At this stage, you can change your password, if you wish, by clicking on "Home" (in the right hand corner) to return to the login screen.

  • Please log in again and use the software to change your password via the "Manage My Passwords" section.
  • Here, you will be asked for your current password, and then asked to enter a new password twice.
  • Enter your choice of password and click the Finish button.
  • Please see our notes about complex passwords when choosing your password.
  • After you have successfully changed your password through UWE Password Manager, the change will immediately take effect in Windows, myUWE portal, Blackboard and other UWE systems.

How to reset your password?

Resetting your password when you have forgotten it is now something all users can easily do themselves, thanks to our Password Manager system.

Reset your password with UWE Password Manager

To reset your password, you must previously have registered on the UWE Password Manager website and have chosen three personalised questions and answers. These questions will be asked by the software when you try to reset your password.

  • To reset your password, first try to log in on a computer by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  • Below the log-in dialog, you should see a link that says "Forgotten Password".
  • Click that link and wait for the Password Manager site to open.
  • When asked, type in your username and click the OK button.
  • Once at the Welcome page, choose "Forgot My Password". (If you do not see this section of the
    software, you have not set up your Q&A profile and will have to visit the IT Support Centre to
  • You will be asked to answer two of the three questions that you set up when you registered with
    the software. Enter your answers and click the Next button. If you answer successfully, you will
    then be allowed to set a new password.
  • Set the password of your choice, click Finish, and close the page.

You should then be permitted to log in with your new password.

Reset your password at the IT Support Centre

Alternatively, visit the IT Support Centre on Level 3 of the Library on Frenchay Campus with your student ID card and the password can be reset for you.

How to use a Reset code?

Alternatively, IT Support may give you a "Reset code" which you can use to reset your password via the UWE Password Manager process. To do this, you would click the "I Have A Reset code" box instead when you access the site. Please note that your Resetcode will only be valid for 8 hours from the time of issue.


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