Laptop Support

What type of laptop support do we offer?

The 3D028 IT Support Centre (found on level 3 of the Bolland Library, Frenchay) provides limited support for issues with personal devices. We do not provide any data recovery or hardware support, but are happy to diagnose and offer advice.

When can I bring my laptop in?

Please contact a member of staff in 3B028 to arrange a time.

Note: Between the times of 12:00 and 14:00, the Support Centre can get extremely busy and we may only provide limited laptop support or ask you to return later.

Are you able to install Microsoft software ?

As part of the Office 365 agreement with Microsoft, students are allowed to install up to 5 copies of the latest version of Microsoft Office on their personal devices. For further information, please see the Office 365 announcement. Microsoft also offer some additional educational discounts.

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