CD writing

The majority of student PCs are equipped with DVD-ROM drives capable of writing to CD and DVD media.


  1. Insert a blank CD or DVD.  The ‘AutoPlay’ box should now appear.
  2. Click Burn files to disc

    use cd burner image1

  3. Enter Disc title
  4. Select With a CD/DVD player

    use cd burner image2

  5. Click Next.  A Windows Explorer window will open.
  6. Locate the file you want to burn to disc.

    use cd burner image3 

  7. Drag the file to the CD/DVD drive (E:)

    use cd burner image4

  8. Repeat for all the files you wish to burn to the disc
  9. Click on the DVD RW Drive (E:)
  10. Click on Burn to disc

    use cd burner image5

  11. Click Next to burn the files to the disc.

use cd burner image6

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