SMS Text messaging FAQs

1. Do UWE have a Text Messaging Service?

Yes. UWE has an official text messaging service to contact you on UWE specific matters (administrative, academic and occasionally student support). Marketing texts will not be sent to you by UWE.

Reminders may be sent but, for example, in the context of a reminder for exam results availability or referral sessions.

2. Will my mobile phone automatically receive text messages?

Yes, unless you opted out of this feature.

3. Could I be charged for receiving text messages from UWE?

Generally, no. However, if you are abroad and you leave your mobile switched on, you will continue to receive calls from the UK at a charge (set by your mobile phone service provider)

4. How do I opt-out of receiving text messages from UWE?

You can opt-out of the UWE SMS texting service at anytime by unticking the box entitled “Accept SMS texts from UWE’ in the My Details subtab in myUWE.

Accept SMS texting FAQ

However, the University will not take into account your opting-out option when sending very exceptional emergency texts such as site closure.

In addition, if you have a prior agreement with Student Services to be contacted by text, this agreement will override the opting-out flag described here.

Don’t forget that the UWE Student Union has its own texting service. You may receive texts from the UWESU system. To opt-in or out of receiving the Student Union texts, please visit the UWE Students' Union website

5. What if I opted-out but later decide I would like to opt-in again?

If you wish to start receiving text messages from UWE again about academic-related matters, you need to ensure that the box is ticked and to supply us with your up-to-date mobile phone number.

6. If I change mobile phone provider do I need to opt-in again?

No. Once your phone number has been opted-in, it stays registered within the system provided your mobile phone number does not change. If it changes, you need to update the number in myUWE Personal Details subtab.

7. I opted-in to receive text messages from UWE but have not received anything. How do I make sure I am subscribed?

Check your mobile number in the myUWE Personal Details subtab and check that the box “Access SMS texts from UWE’ is ticked.

Alternatively, contact the appropriate office (your faculty registrar's office), to ensure that your contact mobile phone number is correct in the administrative system. If it is incorrect, please update the information.

8. From what address will the text message appear to come?

All text messages are sent from UWE. The identifier will be “UWE”. The telephone number will be +441173255500

9. Can I have more than one phone number receive text messages?

No. At this point, you may identify just one SMS phone number for text message delivery.

10. Will this cost me anything?

No. Incoming texts which you receive from UWE are free to you. However, we cannot guarantee that international mobile phones will not be charged. It will depend on your mobile phone provider.

If you are contacted by the Student Services Department about a personal matter, you may be able to reply to the text. A Keyword will be given to you to allow you to send a reply. However, the cost of replying will be on you.

11. What is a keyword?

A keyword is a unique term (letters and/or numbers) that people can use to communicate with you.

12. How do keywords work?

The person sending you the text sets up a keyword and includes it in the text. When you choose to reply, start your text with the keyword (add a space) and your message.

e.g. REPLY Thanks 4 yr reminder. I will attend the session.

13. Can I use my mobile to report a hazard (health and safety matter) which I spotted at UWE?

Yes. Absolutely. This is a good opportunity to use a keyword (as mentioned in Q012 above).

To report a hazard, you can text the word SAFETY followed by a description of the hazard and your name to the UWE dedicated UWE number.

Text SAFETY + description of hazard + your name to +441173255500

Please note that the Heath and Safety unit may reply to your text.

14. What type of messages will I receive from UWE?

  • Academic/Administrative
  • Emergency
  • Student Support

15. What will the text look like?

It will be a brief, direct notification, no longer than 160 characters and will come from “UWE”.

16. Will I be able to reply to the Texts sent by UWE?

No. There is no facility to reply to a text coming from UWE.

The only instance when you will be able to reply to a text is if the Student Services Department contact you about a personal matter. To allow you to reply, Student Services will ask you to use a keyword. The keyword ensures that the text is going back to the correct person. For more information about keywords, please see Question 11 and Question 12.

Please also refer to Qestion 13.

17. Will I be contacted by Student Services?

Yes. Student Services may contact you by text.

Please note that prior to texting you about a personal matter, the Student Services Department will almost always obtain consent from you to text. Only in exceptional circumstances when you or a student may be in danger or seeking urgent assistance, will Student Services reserve the right to contact you without prior consent.

18. What should I do when I receive a message?

Please comply with the instructions provided and spread the word.

19. What happens if I do not have a mobile phone? How will the message be communicated to me?

The text message will be supplemented by some other means of communication, e.g. usually an email or a web posting. As part of the Acceptable Use Policy at UWE, please ensure that you regularly check your UWE email account in UWE Live Mail ( or via the myUWE portal.

20. What if a text arrives too late or doesn’t arrive at all?

UWE is not responsible if a SMS text is unable to reach the recipient on time or at all.

As text messaging is a store-and-forward technology dependent on carriers and their networks, it is impossible to guarantee delivery of a text message.

Use of text messaging will depend on whether UWE think a text would help. In most cases, texts are not automatically generated. SMS texting is intended to supplement rather than replace other means of communication

21. Where is my mobile number stored?

Student mobile numbers are stored in strict confidentiality in the UWE student record system and the SMS texting provider database which use secure servers.

The mobile numbers may at times be passed onto statutory bodies such as the Funding Council, UCAS, Government department or Student Grant Companies.

22. Where can I comment about the UWE SMS texting system?

Comments about SMS texting at UWE can be sent to the IT Support Centre.

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