BitLocker USB Encryption

BitLocker can be used to encrypt removable media as well as hard drives. When a USB device is encrypted, all files on it are protected. In order to read the data on the device, the encryption key must be provided when it is plugged in - this will then allow the device and all the files on it to be used as normal until it is removed again.

BitLocker Encryption 1

To encrypt a USB storage device using BitLocker, right click on the icon for the device in the “My computer” menu and select “Turn on BitLocker…”

BitLocker Encryption 2

You will be prompted for a password which you will use to decrypt the device and access your files in the future. To ensure your data is properly protected, choose a strong password.

BitLocker Encryption 3

Once you have confirmed the settings, BitLocker will begin encrypting your USB device. This may take some time, but you should not remove the USB device before encryption is complete – otherwise the files on the device may become corrupted.

BitLocker Encryption 4

When the message above appears, the drive is now encrypted and safe to use.

BitLocker Encryption 5

When the encrypted drive is inserted into a computer, it must be unlocked using the password before any data can be accessed.

BitLocker Encryption 6

Once the device has been successfully unlocked then data stored on it can be accessed as normal.

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