The Journal of Psycho-Social Studies


This is an established International e-Journal dedicated to publishing scholarly articles, works in progress, new ideas and book reviews in the field  of Psycho-Social Studies.

Edited by Dr Elizabeth Frost, from UWE Bristol and Dr Helen Lucey, from the University of Bath, the Journal welcomes contributions from established researchers, postgraduate students and those just starting their publishing career.

The Journal contains papers focusing on psychoanalysis, philosophy, group relations, politics and sociology, arts-based research and interventions, social practices and cross disciplinary studies. Submissions are welcome. 

Available issues

Editorial Board

  • Professor Fred Alford, University of Maryland, USA
  • Professor Mark Bracher, Kent University, USA
  • Professor Don Carveth, York University, Canada
  • Professor Karl Figlio, University of Essex, UK
  • Professor Paul Hoggett, University of the West of England, UK
  • Professor Lynne Layton, Harvard University, USA
  • Professor Esther Rashkin, University of Utah, USA
  • Professor Barry Richards, University of Bournemouth, UK
  • Professor Michael Rustin, University of East London and Tavistock Clinic, UK
  • Professor Robert M Young, University of Sheffield, UK

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