Appearance Matters: The Podcast

This podcast explores the world of appearance; presenting new insights and advances in research.

Listen to researchers, clinicians, charities and organisations, and individuals affected by appearance-related concerns.

Rated 5* on iTunes and featured in iTunes 'New and Noteworthy' and 'What's Hot' categories for Higher Education.

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Listen to our most recent

Eating disorder prevention (Episode 23)

We start 2018, with a discussion about Project EAT risk factor studies, and the popular anti–clean-eating website for troubled eaters ‘Not Plant Based’.

Past episodes

Listen to our past episodes on many topics, including body image interventions, diverse Barbie dolls and social activism.

Episodes 1 - 5

The Centre for Appearance Research (Episode 1)

An introduction to the Centre for Appearance Research featuring several members of CAR talking about their work and why appearance matters.

Appearance Matters 7 conference (Episode 2)

An introduction to the Appearance Matters conference series and what to expect at this year's conference - AM7 (Appearance Matters 7).

Professor Diana Harcourt and conference abstract submission (Episode 3)

Professor Diana Harcourt, one of the co-directors of CAR, tells us about her research, career and role in AM7. We also discuss the best (and worst) practices for conference abstract submissions.

Appearance and public health with Professor Bryn Austin (Episode 4)

We discuss appearance and public health with Harvard Professor Bryn Austin.

Professor Nichola Rumsey OBE (Bonus)

We speak to Professor Nichola Rumsey, co-director and founder of CAR, about being awarded an OBE for her services to people affected by an altered appearance.

Visible difference (Episode 5)

We explore what it is like to be 'visibly different' and discuss ways in which research and practice is improving psychological support for those affected by appearance-altering conditions.

Episodes 6 - 11

Body image interventions (Episode 6)

In this episode we talk about some of the work that is being done be CAR and our collaborations to improve the body image of girls and young women globally.

Bonus episode: Barbie's new body

In light of the new diverse range of Barbie dolls, we explore whether Barbie influences girls' body image and what impact the curvy doll may be.

The Healing Foundation (Episode 7)

In this episode, we heard from the Healing Foundation's Chief Executive Mr Brendan Eley and other special guests about the charity's aims, current projects and the launch of their new Scar-Free Healing strategy.

Bonus episode: AM7

In this bonus episode, we look forward to the conference by speaking with delegates and presenters, as well as providing an outline of the exciting scientific and social programmes.

Bonus episode: AM7 part 2

In this Appearance Matters 7-Part two bonus episode, we reminisce about the conference, share our highlights, and hear from a few sporting delegates who spoke about what they liked best about the conference.

Prof Bryn Austin, AM7 keynote address (Episode 8)

In this episode Harvard Professor Bryn Austin gives her keynote address at the Appearance Matters 7 conference.

Dr Eric Stice, AM7 keynote address (Episode 9)

In this episode leading expert Dr Eric Stice gives his keynote address at the Appearance Matters 7 conference.

Professor Diana Harcourt, AM7 keynote address (Episode 10)

In this episode CARs Professor Diana Harcourt gives her keynote address at the Appearance Matters 7 conference.

Big business and body image (Episode 11)

We lined up an incredible panel of esteemed experts to discuss the topic of big business and body image at our international conference AM7: Susie Orbach, Meaghan Ramsay, James Partridge, Jo Swinson (former MP and Minister for Women, chaired the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image), Elena Rossini, Florence Adepoju and chaired by Caryn Franklin.

Episodes 12 - 16

Priorities for appearance research - Looking towards the future (Episode 12)

As many of us settle in to the new academic year, this episode will be looking towards the future of appearance research and practice. Nine experts and rising stars will discuss what they believe the most important priority for the field of appearance research and practice will be in the next five years and why?

Social activism and appearance (Episode 13)

In this episode we talk about the importance of social activism in relation to our appearance. We hear from body image activist Sharon Haywood and fat activist Dr Sigrun Danielsdottir.

Cosmetic surgery (Episode 14)

In this episode we are joined by three cosmetic surgery experts: surgeon Dr Nigel Mercer, clinical psychologist Dr Francesca Nobile and CARs Dr Nicole Paraskeva.

Body image and mindfulness (Episode 15)

In this episode we discuss mindfulness and how the practise might be useful for people experiencing body image concerns. They are joined by mindfulness experts Dr Melissa Atkinson and Fabio Zucchelli.

Feminism and body image (Episode 16)

Nadia and Jade discuss whether our appearance is a feminist issue, how feminism can help us feel better about our bodies, and how some body image researchers apply feminism in their work. This episode's special guest is Melissa Fabello, managing editor at Everyday Feminism. In honour of International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8 March, members of the CAR team share their top body confidence tips to inspire women to #beboldforchange as a step to change the culture of how women feel about their bodies.

Episodes 17 - 21

The colour of beauty (Episode 17)

The episode is a broad discussion on skin colour and global beauty ideals. It features clips from the Illusionists including thoughts from Susie Orbach and gender-studies professor Gail Dines. It also includes an exclusive preview of an extract from the latest STRIPED (Strategic Training Initiative for the Prevention of Eating Disorders) Harvard teaching case.

Social media and body image (Episode 18)

Nadia and Jade discuss whether the jury is out on social media and body image - is it all bad news or can social media be a force for good when it comes to body image? Special guests are Dr Amy Slater from CAR, an internationally renowned expert on social media and body image and Megan Crabbe (aka bodyposipanda) body positive blogger and instagrammer.

Burn injuries and appearance (Episode 19)

Burn injuries can permanently change a person’s appearance. Research shows that adjustment to an altered appearance following a burn can make a significant difference in terms of quality of life indicators. Nadia and Jade talk to Dr Catrin Griffiths, Ella Guest and Dr Jen Heath to find out more about psychological support and adjustment.

Breast cancer and body image (Episode 20)

Nadia and Jade discuss breast cancer and body image with Centre for Appearance Research co-director Professor Diana Harcourt, Clinical Psychologist and Visiting Professor Alex Clarke, and research fellows Drs Helena Lewis-Smith and Nicole Paraskeva.

Bariatric surgery and body image (Episode 21)

Nadia and Jade tackle the weighty topic of bariatric surgery and body image with Professor Rebecca Puhl (at 28 minutes) and CARs Dr Jen Heath and Claire Hamlet.

Episodes 22 - 26

Exercise and body image (Episode 22)

Nadia and Jade talk about exercise and body image with Tanya Joseph - architect of Sport England's 'This Girl Can' Campaign, and body image and body functionality researcher Assistant Professor Jessica Alleva.

Christmas special 2017: Mentorship in academia

A discussion with the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) team and Professor Nichola Rumsey about the importance of mentorship in academia.

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