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Current PhD projects

  • The body image of the strength and conditioning coach: Are aesthetics important? – Jonathan Jacobs
  • Big business and body image - Nadia Craddock
  • Peer support for parents of people affected by burn injuries - Jen Heath
  • Redefining resilience in the context of cleft lip and/or palate: Using adult data to inform the development of an intervention to promote positive outcomes - Matt Ridley
  • The Impact of Appearance Concerns On Intimacy In People With Disfigurement - Nick Sharratt
  • Development and evaluation of a school-based body image intervention to change attitudes towards appearance and promote acceptance of appearance diversity - Chantelle Bailey    
  • Paediatric and young people's psychosocial adjustment to burn injuries - Laura Armstrong-James
  • Psychosocial interventions to support women affected by hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment - Melissa Pilkington
  • Psychosocial support for appearance-related concerns amongst people living with a visible difference: exploring the use of body image interventions in women with breast cancer -
    Helena Lewis-Smith

Recently completed projects

  • Young people’s experiences of visible differences associated with genetic/inherited conditions -
    Jenny Barke
  • Psychosocial and ethical issues around visible difference associated with genetic conditions - Heather Brant
  • Exploring the role of cognitive, physical and social variables between body image and appearance concerns and physical activity participation -
    Daisy Townsend
  • Black Minority Ethnic (BME) women's experiences following breast cancer diagnosis - Geeta Patel
  • A critical psychological investigation of obesity - Irmgard Tischner
  • Adolescents, appearance and anti-bullying strategies - Emily Lovegrove
  • An exploration of online peer support for young people with chronic skin conditions - Fiona Fox
  • Bisexual women's identity, dress and appearance - Nikki Hayfield
  • Cognitive information processing biases and appearance adjustment: The role of the appearance self-schema - Ben Rosser
  • Development of negative body image and disordered eating in adolescents - Jamie White
  • Facing up to visible difference: The design and evaluation of a new computer-based psychosocial intervention - Alyson Bessell
  • Lesbian and bisexual women's appearance concerns and associated health-related behaviours -
    Caroline Huxley
  • Psychosocial aspects of Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) - Fiona Kennedy
  • Psychosocial impact of conditions altering appearance during adolescence - Melissa Wallace
  • Psychosocial impact of Epidermylosis Bullosa (EB) - Emma Dures
  • Psychosocial importance of eyes and the impact of strabismus on adults - Sue Jackson

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