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What does the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) do?

CAR is a university research centre based at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Members of CAR carry out psychological and interdisciplinary research in appearance, disfigurement, body image and related studies.

The video below explains more about the work that takes place at the Centre for Appearance Research:


Does CAR offer a support service?

As a research centre, we do not provide direct advice and support ourselves. However, the charity Changing Faces is happy to help with any concerns about disfigurement and disfiguring conditions of any origin, whether present at birth or acquired later in life. We also have a list of support services available.

Can CAR provide case studies?

We are not able to provide case studies and cannot comment on individual cases.

Useful facts and figures:

Disfigurement and visible difference

The charity Changing Faces estimates that in excess of 1 million people in the UK have a significant disfigurement to the face or body. An additional 415,550 people annually acquire either a significant transitory or permanent facial disfigurement as the result of a congenital or birth condition (e.g. cleft lip), from trauma (e.g. burns), disease (e.g. skin conditions, arthritis), or from medical or surgical interventions to treat other conditions (e.g. cancer) (Changing Faces 2008)

Body image

Central YMCA together with the Centre for Appearance Research, recently conducted research to find out what the public actually think about the images they see in the media and advertising, and what impact it would actually have on them. The survey included 759 British men and women and 810 young people. View the research findings here.

Examples of previous media involvement:

Members of CAR have recent experience of working with the following media:

  • BBC
  • Channel 4
  • ITV
  • BBC Radio 4
  • Local radio
  • Marie Claire Magazine
  • Elle Magazine
  • The Times
  • The Guardian
  • The Telegraph
  • The Daily Mail

How do I get in touch with an expert from CAR?

In the first instance you will need to come through the UWE press office.

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