Research in the Department of Health and Social Sciences

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The Department of Health and Social Sciences is active in a wide-range of research areas, with significant real-world impact. It has also established research projects attracting funding from many organisations both in the UK and abroad.

Our research centres

Centre for Clinical and Health Services Research

The Centre for Clinical and Health Services Research is also hosted by the Department, and brings together researchers working in the fields of long-term conditions including:

  • mental health sciences
  • children and young people
  • emergency and critical care
  • public health and well-being
  • health, ethics and society
  • evaluative research.

Centre for Appearance Research

The internationally renowned Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) also forms part of the Department's research portfolio. The Centre focuses on interdisciplinary research in appearance, disfigurement and related issues. CAR also coordinates the Appearance Matters conference, which attracts high profile speakers from all over the world.

Our research groups

Psychological Sciences Research Group

The Psychological Sciences Research Group (PSRG) conducts cutting-edge, applied research with action and impact in mind. This research has a positive influence on people and places; at home, in the workplace, and in the wider social environment.

Social Science Research Group

The Social Science Research Group is a multidisciplinary, applied research group that is dedicated to facilitating a better understanding of the complex social world that we live in.

Public Health and Wellbeing Research Group

The Public Health and Wellbeing Research Group brings together experts from many backgrounds including:

  • social scientists
  • public health and health promotion specialists
  • epidemiologists
  • health economists
  • psychologists
  • health visitors
  • nurses and midwives.

Faculty research

Researchers in the Department also work closely with colleagues in other research centres and institutes in the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences.

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