Members of the Software Engineering Research Group (SERG).

Reader and group leader

Research chapter leaders

Current PhD students

  • Hamzeh Al-Jawawdeh
    A Search-based Framework for Bridging the Gap between Business Process Models and Software Service-Oriented Models
    Supervisors: Drs Mohammed Odeh (DoS), Chris Simons
  • Ian Brooks
    Goal Oriented Modelling for Green Software Engineering driven by United Nations Sustainability Development Goals
    Supervisors: Drs Mohammed Odeh (DoS), James Longhurst, Mario Kossmann (Airbus)
  • Rawad Hamad
    Cloud Services for a process-based and semantically enriched e-learning framework.
    Supervisory team: Dr Mohammed Odeh (DoS) and Dr Zaheer Khan.
  • Suhair Haj Hassan
    OntoSoS.GORE: Ontology-based i* Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering Framework for Systems of Systems Engineering
    Supervisors: Drs Mohammed Odeh (DoS), and Stewart Green , with input from Dr AbdelGhani Tbakhi  (Chair of the Research Council, King Hussein Cancer Center Jordan) 
  • Eman Qaddoumi
    OntoSoS.ChM. Ontology-based Framework for the Quality Governance of Systems of Systems Engineering
    Supervisory team: Drs Mohammed Odeh (DoS), Zaheer Khan, and Mario Kossmann (Airbus), with input from Dr Imad Traish (CIO, King Hussein Cancer Center Jordan
  • Mohammed Sabri
    Using Knowledge Management Enablers to Drive the Process of Developing Riva-based Business Process Architectures
    Supervisors: Drs Mohammed Odeh (DoS), Mohammed Saad (UWE Bristol Business School)
  • Ahmad Samhan
    OntoSoS.QM.Gov: Ontology-based Framework for the Change Management in Systems of Systems Engineering
    Supervisors: Drs Mohammed Odeh (DoS), Jin Sa, Mario Kossmann (Airbus), with input from Dr Imad Traish (CIO, King Hussein Cancer Center Jordan)

Also see our PhD completions.

External associates

  • Martyn Ould
    Inventor of the Riva Business Process Architecture modelling method
    Venice Consulting Ltd,
    The Old School
    Hinton Charterhouse, Bath.
  • Professor Omer Rana
    School of Computer Science,
    Cardiff University.
  • Dr Richard Kamm
    Head of Learning and Teaching Quality,
    School of Management,
    University of Bath.
  • Dr. Mario Kossmann 
    Engineering Directives Manager
  • Stephen Watts  CMIIP. 
    Configuration Management 
    CM Architect for Extended Enterprise - EZCE
    Loc: 09A Nimrod Filton
  • Dr. Siani Pearson
    Principal Research Scientist
    Security and Cloud Lab
    Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
  • Dr Theo Koulouris
    Research Scientist
    Security and Cloud Lab
    Hewlett Packard Laboratories
  • Dr. Sergio de Cesare
    Managing Editor of the European Journal of Information Systems
    School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics
    Brunel University
  • Steve Butler
    Managing Director
    Sogeclair UK
  • Thomas Reisenweber 
    Director of P3 aviation GmbH 
    Blohmstrasse 12, 21079 Hamburg, Germany 

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