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Surprising things you never knew about transport

Traffic in Cities – Dr Steve Melia

How much do you know about transport? This talk introduces the series with some surprising questions from Steve's forthcoming book 'Urban Transport Without the Hot Air'. 

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Safety in numbers and cycle lanes – Professor John Parkin

What happens when traffic volumes increase? Do collisions go up at the same rate, or faster? In fact, they rise more slowly. What effect do cycle lanes have on driver behaviour? Would you be surprised to hear that drivers move closer to the cyclists? This presentation explains why.

View John's staff profile and most recent publications.

Travel time matters – Professor Glenn Lyons

On average we spend about an hour a day travelling. It could be a fruitless cost in our lives. It could be a gift to ourselves. Did you know that our treatment of this hour a day both as individuals and policymakers has fundamentally shaped our transport system and society?

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Most park and ride schemes increase traffic – Professor Graham Parkhurst

Did you know that most park and ride schemes increase overall traffic mileage? How do we know this, and why does it happen? Does this have to be so? Could park and ride schemes be differently designed to avoid increasing traffic?

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Films produced by Steve Brown, Learning Innovation Unit, Faculty of Environment and Technology

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