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News from 2017

  • Ben Clark and Kiron Chatterjee from the Centre for Transport and Society have been presenting their research on how commuting influences personal wellbeing at various conferences over recent months, including the Centre for Transport and Society winter conference in December, the US Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in January and the UK Sustainable Transport and Health Summit 2017 in February.

    To find out more about why longer commutes are linked to lower life satisfaction (unless you commute by rail!) have a look at the Travel Behaviour website.
  • Transport strategy for mass pilgrims visiting Iraqi holy cities
    Thamir Alqatrani has joined CTS from 1 April 2017 to study a PhD concerning the management of pilgrimage movements in the Iraqi holy city of Karbila. Thamir is sponsored by the Iraqi government and one of just 25 applicants across the country who have been awarded the prestigious bursary since 2015. Thamir will be supervised by Dr Steve Melia, Professor John Parkin and Adam Sheppard. The religious events in Karbila are considered as the largest gatherings in the world, with over 20 million people at certain times of year. A search for more efficient transport planning to deal with the huge crowds in the historical and religious city will be the main issue of the project. The tension between heritage conservation and modern transport planning will be another important theme of the research.
  • Dr Steve Melia delivered a presentation at the conference Boosting Cycling Activity and Improving Safety organised by Public Policy Exchange on 16 March 2017 in London.
  • Jonathan Flower won the prize for the best performing student in 2015/16. The prize is awarded each year by the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation. Jonathan gave a talk on his dissertation, titled ‘Just the ticket? Ticketing, a barrier or enabler to people using public transport for local journeys’ at an event on 8 March 2017. Richard Mintern, Chairman of JMC Group also gave a talk on his perspectives on business management in the airline industry.

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