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  • Launch of the Northamptonshire County Council Flood Toolkit

    Northamptonshire County Council has been developing a new online toolkit to assist communities, individuals, land owners, businesses and flood risk management authorities with improving county-wide flood resilience.

    The Northamptonshire County Council Flood Toolkit is now officially live and can be accessed through the following web address -

    The Flood Toolkit allows a user to: -

    ?�Find out if they are at risk of flooding using the interactive Flood Risk Map.
    ?�Discover who is responsible for flooding outside their home or on the roads and how to contact them.
    ?�Learn how to protect their property from flood water through engaging images.
    ?�Locate funding sources for flood related projects using the Funding Mechanism Tool.
    ?�See how much rain has fallen in their local area through the Rain Gauge Widget.
    ?�Educate children through the Flood Aware Schools Pack.

    The Flood Toolkit is part of the wider Defra Pathfinder Project on community flood resilience that Northamptonshire County Council has been piloting over the past two years.

    If you are interested in the results of this project, please follow the link to the electronic Pathfinder Evaluation Report.

  • Updating the Homeowners Guide to Flood Resilience by Carly Rose, CFCR Doctoral Researcher

    As a researcher and writer, with extensive knowledge of flood-related issues, I was delighted to be offered the opportunity of undertaking the latest update to the Homeowners Guide to Flood Resilience for the KYFR campaign. As well as checking and revising the existing details, I was also asked to research a completely new section to meet the needs of the increasing numbers of small communities or groups of dwellings who are proactively seeking to protect themselves.

    The initial web-search revealed that the flood protection products market had changed quite dramatically since the previous edition of the Guide was published. The widespread floods of 2012 seem to have triggered the emergence of numerous new companies (the number had almost doubled); some established techniques had been superseded, whilst innovative new solutions had been devised. The surge in popularity of social media provided an interesting opportunity to gain information on the newcomers in more detail: for example, coverage of ongoing or recently completed projects via active Twitter accounts and regular postings to Facebook pages provided welcome reassurance that the organisation in question did not consist of ?one-person-and-a-dog-in-a-garden-shed?.

    I hope that the Guide will be of help to concerned homeowners wishing to make informed choices about the ways they can tackle flood risk, whether from river flooding or the increasing menace of surface water floods. It is available as a free download here:

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Report

    The Centre for Floods, Communities and Resilience collaborated with the University of Technology, Sydney on this one year project and report.

    The research examines the potential for mitigation of predominantly pluvial flooding in central business districts (CBD) through retrofitting of sustainable urban drainage systems.

    It draws upon case studies in the commercial office sector in Melbourne, Australia and Newcastle, UK.

    Link to report:

  • Forthcoming CFCR Flood Seminar Series talk by Neil Dufty, Principal at Molino Stewart Pty Ltd, an environment and natural hazards consultancy based Parramatta, NSW, Australia.

    Date: Wednesday 8 October 2014
    Room: 4Q68
    Time: 9-10.30am

    Title: 'Australian Early Warning Systems: are they working?'

    A brief biography:
    Neil has strong capabilities and experience in:�
    • Designing and evaluating disaster education and engagement plans and programs.
    • Developing and evaluating hazard warning systems particularly for floods and bushfires.
    • Writing technical and non-technical publications about aspects of disaster management and resilience.
    • Preparing climate change adaptation and disaster resilience plans and programs.
    • Evaluating the performance of emergency management. �

    Neil is the Regional Director of The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS) for Australia, New Zealand and Oceania and a member of the International Advisory Board of the Centre for Floods, Communities and Resilience at the University of Western England.

    Please email Jo Bushell ( to confirm attendance.

  • A Defra consultation on delivering SUDS with an online survey for responses to the consultation documents.

    Why We Are Consulting

    This consultation document sets out an alternative approach to the one envisaged in Flood and Water Management Act 2010 to deliver effective sustainable drainage systems that will be maintained for the lifetime of the developments they serve. The Government has listened and in response, now wishes to consult on delivering sustainable drainage systems through changes to the current planning regime. We are seeking views on this approach.

    Dates Consultation is Open
    Runs from 12 Sep 2014 to 24 Oct 2014�

    Other Information

    Water/water Industry sector
    House Building Industry
    Local Authorities

    Green infrastructure

  • CFCR Flood Trend Research at International Conference on Flood Management

    Nevil Quinn will be presenting work at the 6th International Conference on Flood Management in Sao Paulo, Brazil (16 to 18 September). The research, co-authored with Michael Horswell, examines trends in flood indicators in the UK based on both recorded and modelled future flows.

  • CFCR Flood Research

    Nevil Quinn and Michael Horswell will be presenting their research at the 12th National British Hydrological Symposium in Birmingham (2-5 September 2014). Their paper ?Future Flows? and future floods: �an exploration of the implications of climate change for high flows in the UK assesses trends in flood magnitude for 275 catchments using a nationally consistent modelled climate change dataset (Future Flows) for the period 1951 to 2098.

  • UK flood, wind losses to reach £1.1bn: ABI

    The Association of British Insurers (ABI) said flooding and storms that struck the UK between late December and February look set to cost its members �1.1bn ($1.8bn). Flooding alone will cost insurers �446mn, with the industry receiving a total of 17,500 claims, the lobby group said in a statement. Of this, an estimated �276mn is expected to be paid to homeowners, �149mn to business owners, and �22mn to vehicle owners. Over the affected period, the ABI said its members paid out the equivalent of �6.7mn per day. The ABI also estimated storm damage claims of �654mn, projecting a combined loss of �1.1bn for both storm and flood damage. Previously, the ABI had estimated losses of �193mn for floods and �232mn for storms in the period running from 23 December to 8 January, totalling �425mn.

    Insurance Insider, 13 March.

  • Benefit gig for the Somerset Flood Relief Fund

    Tuesday 4 March 2014, Coronation Tap, 8.15pm
    Bristol Musicians Unite: Bristol?s best jazz musicians, including Kasabian drummer Ian Matthews.
    Further info can be found here:

  • PhD Success

    Congratulations to Rotimi Joseph who successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled: The Development of a Comprehensive Systematic Quantification of the Costs and Benefits (CH) of Property Level Flood Risk Adaption�Measures in England.

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