Large-scale Data Management Unit

This group is motivated by making data, information and knowledge readily available, active and meaningful to distributed groups of users in the 21st century.

Research areas

Past efforts have concentrated on the distributed nature of such information and ensuring that geographically dispersed users (whether novices or experts) could share that information for real-world applications in specialist domains (such as large-scale engineering, equipment management, data retrieval and latterly in healthcare applications). Consequently there are areas of overlap with all three other research groups in CCCS.

Research resource

The group sees itself as a valuable research resource that can be called upon to assist many other researchers in collaborative projects.

Recent work has focused in on the use of ontologies or knowledge representation techniques and distributed data mining as means of allowing users access to shared information and knowledge. The group's mission for the next 10 years is to work closely with other academics (within UWE and across Europe) and industry leaders in order to make data and knowledge more accessible, semantically meaningful and useable in complex systems with a cooperative nature.

Recent and current projects

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