Research themes and units

Data Science

This theme covers a range of topics, including big data architecture, data integration and record linkage, data analytics, graph mining and network analysis, information extraction and text analysis, knowledge management, data governance, recommender systems and machine learning. Our research has, in particular, focused on health, social and business data science applications.  

People: Jun HongHisham Ihshaish, Paul Matthews, Richard McClatchey, Kamran Munir, Elias Pimenidis.

Cyber Security

The Cyber Security research unit (CSRU) considers both cyber and digital security, with particular focus on app security, context-aware systems, and small devices including but not limited to industrial control systems, IoT applications, sensor networks, etc. We have strong links with local industries such as BAE Systems, Airbus and Ernst and Young and are working with the South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit.   

People: Panagiotis Andrioti, Abdullahi Arabo, Essam Ghadafi, Ian Johnson, Phil Legg, Shancang Li, Theo Spyridopoulos.

Smart Cities

This theme covers various facets of the system development life cycle for smart cities. This includes stakeholder engagement and requirements management, city data governance and analytics, software security and privacy, smart city applications development using distributed technologies e.g. cloud, edge, sensor nets, piloting and application evaluation. Our main areas of interest include but are not limited to: citizen participation in urban governance, policy making, social network analysis and behavioural analysis.

People: Zaheer Khan, Kamran Soomro.

Physical Computing

This theme is focused on the boundaries where computing becomes touch, sense, and more, with application to IoT, interactive music, and citizen science. Co-creators of the Bristol LoRaWAN lower power network, we work with local industries and community groups to bring cheap and accessible sensor technology to all. The UWE Sense kit, includes new hardware for building sensor kits, and advanced graphene based sensors are under development. Rustyarm (Rust on ARM) is a core technology for us and we are looking at using the features of the programming language Rust to embedded computing, with a particular focus on ARM’s advanced micro controllers.  

People: Frazer Barnes, Benedict GasterNathan Renney.

Resource-bounded Computing

This theme considers both the fundamental and practical aspects of data-driven intelligent autonomous systems for smart spaces. We cover semantic data modelling, designing and developing multi-agent context-aware systems, their correctness analysis and formal verification using model checking technique.

People: Rakib Abdur.

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