CRISTAL-ISE project aims to enable the development of advanced knowledge of the CRISTAL Kernel in the ALPHA-3i and M1i research teams and develop new technical skills at UWE in order to address the next generation of customer requirements for the semantic enhancement of the kernel and the interoperation of multiple instances of the Agilium product.

The CRISTAL-ISE project builds on the knowledge exchange between UWE and M1i with the CRISTAL technology, the €1.5M Marie Curie Industry Academic Partnership Pathway (IAPP).


The projects principal objectives are:

  • To develop research and development expertise of CRISTAL in the M1i company in the context of the ALPHA-3i market.
  • To enable researchers from UWE, to benefit from the opportunity of working in a European development environment and to experience the application of research ideas in commerce.
  • To provide, an enhanced version of the CRISTAL kernel with improved modelling potential that can capture customers' usage patterns in its inter-operation across commercial domains.

For more information please visit the project website.

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