Research projects in the Centre for Complex Cooperative Systems


The SHARE project (Supporting and structuring Healthgrid Activities and Research in Europe) is a specific support action to define a roadmap for future healthgrid research.


The long-term goal of the project is to provide uninhibited access to universal biomedical knowledge repositories for personalised and preventive healthcare, large-scale information-based biomedical research and training, and informed policy making.


The MammoGrid project has adopted a lightweight Grid middleware solution (called AliEn) to deliver a set of evolutionary prototypes for Grid-based radiological study.


This project is to deploy e-Infrastructures (EC-funded MammoGrid and AddNeuroMed’s NeuBase) to enable the European neuroscience community to carry out research required for the pressing study of degenerative brain diseases.


The G-MAS (Grid Enabled Multi-agent Systems) project is a proposed collaboration between researchers in grid computing at UWE and a team that is developing the SAGE multi-agent platform at NIIT in Pakistan.

C-CAST (Context Casting)

C-Cast will provide an end-to-end context-aware communication framework specifically for intelligent multicast-broadcast services.


The CMOBILE project aims at enhancing MBMS for systems beyond 3G at Radio, RAN and Core Network levels.


N4U aims to provide neuroscientists and clinicians worldwide with the innovative online neuGRID functional environment where they can efficiently upload, use and share brain feature extraction algorithms/computational power/large image datasets access/support and training.


The CRISTAL-ISE project aims to enable the development of advanced knowledge of the CRISTAL Kernel in the ALPHA-3i and M1i research teams and develop new technical skills at UWE.


SMARTICIPATE is funded by European Commission under H2020 INSO-1-2015, ICT-enabled open government call. There are ten partners across Europe and project started in February 2016 and will continue for three years (January 2019).

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