About the Centre for Complex Cooperative Systems

The Centre was established in 1997 by Professor R McClatchey, and is the longest standing research centre in the Faculty of Environment and Technology's Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies with over fifteen years of research projects and publications.

The Centre was created to respond to demands coming from many application domains for increasingly complex data and knowledge processing in an era of massive change in telecommunications, data management and information integration.

From the Cloud to portable cellular devices, CCCS has the experience to bring advanced computer science research into the domain of applied computing.

Our mission

To undertake applied, collaborative computer science research with industrial enterprises and international research institutions in the fields of large-scale distributed systems and data and process management.

Our research rationale

The Centre's research rationale is motivated by the rapid convergence of telecommunication and information system industries, where the demand for effective ways to integrate and handle information has become critical.

Our research aims

CCCS research aims include:

  • reducing the complexity of systems interaction
  • making information systems adaptable, available and evolutionary to meet future demands
  • making data accessible, usable and active

Large-scale demonstrators and access to large scale systems enable research to reach positive conclusions regarding issues of complexity, scalability and real-world suitability.

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