Previous research projects in the Artificial Intelligence Group

2009 - 2011

  • Intelligent Interactive Web-Page Customisation (EU: 2011: Caleb-Solly, Smith) - Collaboration with CX Partners and Pure Useability to take the "IPAT" developed by the group and apply them to web-page customisation.

  • Discrete Dynamical Systems with Memory: A New Tool for Modelling Complexity (EPSRC: 2007-2009: Bull) - Exploring the use of memory in systems such as cellular automata, with Andy Adamatzky, UCG.

  • Mathematical Modelling of Statistical Disclosure Control (EPSRC:2007-2011. Smith) - Mathematical CASE award with UK Office for National Statistics, leading to Martin Serpell's PhD.

  • Open Educational Resources in Computer Science (JISC: 2009-10: Smith) - A collaboration with six universities developing open-access on-line teaching resources and developing a taxonomy for their access via Jorum.

  • Teaching AI with pacman and netlogo (Higher Education Academy. 2009-10: Smith)

  • Extenses industriais ao problema de planejamento e Programacao da Producao (2009-11: Smith)- Collaboration with three  Brazilian Universities funded by "Fundacao Coordenacao de Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal De N'vel Superior"(CAPES), Ministry of Education, Brazil, under its "Programa Geral de Cooperacao Internacional Brasil-Inglaterra". Co-investigator with Alistair Clark: See PPExt project for details.

2006 - 2008

  • On-line self-assessment material for teaching Artificial Intelligence (HEA:2008: Smith) - These resources can be downloaded from the HEA website.

  • Mining Olympic Sailing Boat Telemetry Data (EPSRC: 2007-2008: Bull) - Using machine learning to explore Olympic team data, in collaboration with UK Sport.

  • Machine Learning Mining of Cricket Test Data (English Cricket Board: Consultancy, 2007-2008: Bull)- Using machine learning to explore match data.

  • Mining Athlete Event Data (EPSRC: 2007-2008: Bull) - Using machine learning to explore Olympic athlete data, in collaboration with UK Sport.

  • Evaluation of Heuristic Approaches to Statistical Disclosure Control (ONS: 2007: Smith) - Consultancy for Office for National Statistics.

  • Evolutionary Design of Collison-based Computing Schemes in Two-dimensional Cellular Automata (EPSRC: 2006-2007: Bull) - Exploring the use of genetic algorithms to design architecture-less computers, with Andy Adamatzky (PI).

  • DynaVis: Dynamically Reconfigurable Quality Control for Manufacturing and Production Processes Using Learning Machine Vision (EU FP6:2005-2008: Smith, Caleb-Solly) - Collaboration with three universities and five industrial partners applying Interactive Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create dynamically reconfigurable machine vision systems for manufacturing quality control.

  • AJ-SINIC: Anglo-Japanese Initiative in Non-Linear Media Computing (EPSRC: 2005-2006: Bull) - Establishment of a collaborative network in non-classical computation based on principles of information processing in physical and chemical media, with Andy Adamatzky (PI) and Ben DeLacyCostello.

  • Improvements to Cell Suppression in Statistical Disclosure Control (ONS:2006: Smith, Clark) - Research project funded by Office of National Statistics.

  • Non-Linear Media Based Computers (EPSRC: 2004-2008: Bull) -Novel Computation project to develop and test a new approach to enable desired computations/behaviour from networks of non-linear media, in collaboration with Sussex and Leeds.

  • Super-Computer Data Mining (EPSRC: 2004-2006: Bull) - Creation of a UK machine learning data mining tool, in collaboration with Manchester and UEA.

2001 - 2005

  • Cluster on Non-Linear Media Based Computers (EPSRC: 2003-2004: Bull) - Novel Computation cluster, in collaboration with Andy Adamatzky (PI) and Ben DeLacyCostello.

  • A Learning Classifier System Approach to Neural Constructivism (EPSRC ROPA:2002-2004: Bull) - Use of LCS to control mobile robots where each rule is a neural network and their complexity emerges during learning.

  • Data Mining (LloydsTSB: 2001-203: Bull, Caleb-Solly) - Project to use a number of machine learning techniques for analysis of various types of financial data.

  • Distributed Adaptive Control for Road Traffic Systems (EPSRC: 2001-2003: Bull) - A project applying LCS to road traffic signal control in collaboration with the traffic group at UCL.

  • Evolutionary Algorithms for Computational Biology (SNL: 2001: Smith) - Research project funded by Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico.

  • Evolutionary Robotics (BT Labs: 1999-2002: Bull) - A project using self-adaptive LCS for learning in mobile robot systems.

  • Vintage (EU ESPRIT: 1998-2000: Bull) - A European project which built a distributed LCS kernel, with applications in distributed control and scheduling.

  • Adaptive Economic Trading Agents (HP Labs: 1998-1999: Bull) - A one-year project to examine the use of learning agents in a simulated continuous double-auction market.

  • EvoNet: the European Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computing (EU FP4 & 5: 1996-2002: Smith)- Future and Emerging Technologies Network for Excellence.

Prior to 2000

  • Microprocessor Design Verification Using Genetic Algorithms: Applications to LSU verification (STMicrolectronics plc: 1995: Smith)

  • Microprocessor Design Verification Using Genetic Algorithms: A Feasibility Study (SGS-Thomson Microelectronics plc.: 1995: Smith)

  • The Automatic Generation of Software Test Data using Genetic Algorithms (SGS-Thomson Microelectronics plc.: 1994: Smith) £3000.

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