Previous research projects in the Artificial Intelligence Group

2012 - 2013

  • MOBISERV (EU FP7: 2010-2013) - A collaboration with five companies and two other Universities to create adaptive robotic platforms to aid independent living in older adults. Led by Caleb-Solly, with Bristol Robotics Lab.

  • Biologically inspired transportation: a distributed intelligent conveyor (EPSRC: 2010-2013) - Creation of a cilia-inspired smart surface and evolutionary design of appropriate controllers. Bull, project led by Adamtzky Unconventional Computing Group, in collaboration with Manchester.

  • Applications of AI to create more realistic flight simulation exercises (TSB: 2013) - Micro-electronics iNet project by Smith with Micro Nav Ltd evaluating the potential impact of AI for planning and speech recognition in Simulation Environments for Pilot and Air Traffic Control training.

  • How can I help you: Evaluation of Natural Language Interfaces to Faculty Information Systems (Higher Education Academy: 2012-13) - Creation of Interactive AI based methods for accessing student information systems by Smith.

  • Industrial Extensions to Production Planning and Scheduling (PPExt) (EU FP7, 2010-2013) - Development of improved techniques to help industries improve efficiency in areas such as lot sizing and scheduling, cutting and packing. Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme with four partner Universities from Portugal and Brazil led by Clark, with Smith.

  • Learning and Computation in Disordered Networks of Memristors: Theory and Experiments (EU: 2010-2013) - Creation and use through evolutionary design of memristors. Bull, led by Adamatzky, Unconventional Computing Group.

  • NEUNEU (EPSRC: 2010-2013) - The evolutionary design of chemical neural networks. Bull, led by Adamatzky (PI) Unconventional Computing Group, in collaboration with the Universities of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, Friedrich Schiller in Jena, and Southampton.

  • HEAT@UWE: Bridging the gaps in Health, Environment And Technology (EPSRC: 2009-2012) - Initiative to form new multi-disciplined research themes across UWE. Bull, led by Williams, Centre for Sustainable Planning and Environments.

2009 - 2011

  • Intelligent Interactive Web-Page Customisation (EU: 2011: Caleb-Solly, Smith) - Collaboration with CX Partners and Pure Useability to take the "IPAT" developed by the group and apply them to web-page customisation.

  • Discrete Dynamical Systems with Memory: A New Tool for Modelling Complexity (EPSRC: 2007-2009: Bull) - Exploring the use of memory in systems such as cellular automata, with Andy Adamatzky, UCG.

  • Mathematical Modelling of Statistical Disclosure Control (EPSRC:2007-2011. Smith) - Mathematical CASE award with UK Office for National Statistics, leading to Martin Serpell's PhD.

  • Open Educational Resources in Computer Science (JISC: 2009-10: Smith) - A collaboration with six universities developing open-access on-line teaching resources and developing a taxonomy for their access via Jorum.

  • Teaching AI with pacman and netlogo (Higher Education Academy. 2009-10: Smith)

  • Extenses industriais ao problema de planejamento e Programacao da Producao (2009-11: Smith)- Collaboration with three  Brazilian Universities funded by "Fundacao Coordenacao de Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal De N'vel Superior"(CAPES), Ministry of Education, Brazil, under its "Programa Geral de Cooperacao Internacional Brasil-Inglaterra". Co-investigator with Alistair Clark: See PPExt project for details.

2006 - 2008

  • On-line self-assessment material for teaching Artificial Intelligence (HEA:2008: Smith) - These resources can be downloaded from the HEA website.

  • Mining Olympic Sailing Boat Telemetry Data (EPSRC: 2007-2008: Bull) - Using machine learning to explore Olympic team data, in collaboration with UK Sport.

  • Machine Learning Mining of Cricket Test Data (English Cricket Board: Consultancy, 2007-2008: Bull)- Using machine learning to explore match data.

  • Mining Athlete Event Data (EPSRC: 2007-2008: Bull) - Using machine learning to explore Olympic athlete data, in collaboration with UK Sport.

  • Evaluation of Heuristic Approaches to Statistical Disclosure Control (ONS: 2007: Smith) - Consultancy for Office for National Statistics.

  • Evolutionary Design of Collison-based Computing Schemes in Two-dimensional Cellular Automata (EPSRC: 2006-2007: Bull) - Exploring the use of genetic algorithms to design architecture-less computers, with Andy Adamatzky (PI).

  • DynaVis: Dynamically Reconfigurable Quality Control for Manufacturing and Production Processes Using Learning Machine Vision (EU FP6:2005-2008: Smith, Caleb-Solly) - Collaboration with three universities and five industrial partners applying Interactive Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create dynamically reconfigurable machine vision systems for manufacturing quality control.

  • AJ-SINIC: Anglo-Japanese Initiative in Non-Linear Media Computing (EPSRC: 2005-2006: Bull) - Establishment of a collaborative network in non-classical computation based on principles of information processing in physical and chemical media, with Andy Adamatzky (PI) and Ben DeLacyCostello.

  • Improvements to Cell Suppression in Statistical Disclosure Control (ONS:2006: Smith, Clark) - Research project funded by Office of National Statistics.

  • Non-Linear Media Based Computers (EPSRC: 2004-2008: Bull) -Novel Computation project to develop and test a new approach to enable desired computations/behaviour from networks of non-linear media, in collaboration with Sussex and Leeds.

  • Super-Computer Data Mining (EPSRC: 2004-2006: Bull) - Creation of a UK machine learning data mining tool, in collaboration with Manchester and UEA.

2001 - 2005

  • Cluster on Non-Linear Media Based Computers (EPSRC: 2003-2004: Bull) - Novel Computation cluster, in collaboration with Andy Adamatzky (PI) and Ben DeLacyCostello.

  • A Learning Classifier System Approach to Neural Constructivism (EPSRC ROPA:2002-2004: Bull) - Use of LCS to control mobile robots where each rule is a neural network and their complexity emerges during learning.

  • Data Mining (LloydsTSB: 2001-203: Bull, Caleb-Solly) - Project to use a number of machine learning techniques for analysis of various types of financial data.

  • Distributed Adaptive Control for Road Traffic Systems (EPSRC: 2001-2003: Bull) - A project applying LCS to road traffic signal control in collaboration with the traffic group at UCL.

  • Evolutionary Algorithms for Computational Biology (SNL: 2001: Smith) - Research project funded by Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico.

  • Evolutionary Robotics (BT Labs: 1999-2002: Bull) - A project using self-adaptive LCS for learning in mobile robot systems.

  • Vintage (EU ESPRIT: 1998-2000: Bull) - A European project which built a distributed LCS kernel, with applications in distributed control and scheduling.

  • Adaptive Economic Trading Agents (HP Labs: 1998-1999: Bull) - A one-year project to examine the use of learning agents in a simulated continuous double-auction market.

  • EvoNet: the European Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computing (EU FP4 & 5: 1996-2002: Smith)- Future and Emerging Technologies Network for Excellence.

Prior to 2000

  • Microprocessor Design Verification Using Genetic Algorithms: Applications to LSU verification (STMicrolectronics plc: 1995: Smith)

  • Microprocessor Design Verification Using Genetic Algorithms: A Feasibility Study (SGS-Thomson Microelectronics plc.: 1995: Smith)

  • The Automatic Generation of Software Test Data using Genetic Algorithms (SGS-Thomson Microelectronics plc.: 1994: Smith) £3000.

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