Microelectronics iNet

UWE is leading on the establishment of a new Microelectronics iNet which aims to signpost, strengthen and support this important industry here in the South West of England.

The iNet is a Networking for Innovation product within the Government’s Solutions for Business programme. Other key partners include the University of Bristol, the National Microelectronics Institute and STMicroelectronics Ltd. Four further iNets have been established during 2010, targeting key sectors such as biomedical and environmental technologies.

Microelectronics in the South West is both strong and significant. For example:

  • the South West has the largest cluster of silicon designers anywhere in the world outside of Silicon Valley in California
  • over one third of new cars worldwide, contains a microcontroller designed in Bristol
  • STMicroelectronics has now shipped over a billion microprocessors designed in Bristol.

Key sub-sectors include chip design, optoelectronics, wireless and closely related fields across the wider microelectronics, photonics and digital communications areas. With over 200 prime design and development companies, research capability from leading academic institutions, over 100 system integrators and an extensive supporting infrastructure, this sector represents significant opportunities for economic growth and regional development.

The Microelectronics iNet has three key strategic themes:

Realising new opportunities

Focusing on identifying opportunities for innovation and collaboration, linking existing networks and delivery partners together, fostering better knowledge sharing and new market development initiatives.

Strengthening capabilities

Supporting new product development through targeted Solutions for Business products and other initiatives leading to new product introduction and new job creation. It will ensure strong knowledge transfer between Higher Education Institutions and industrial partners.

Assisting transitions

Focusing on the transitional phases a company makes during its lifecycle, supporting growth through funding initiatives, workshops on export and other areas.

The Microelectronics iNet is in the process of being established and its website is still under development. In the meantime, if you have any questions or simply want to know more, please contact the iNet Team at microelectronics@inets-sw.co.uk

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