Collaboration on Composites

National Composites Centre

It has been recognised that there is a national need to support training and learning for engineers and technicians at all levels who are starting to work with composites. Working with the National Composites Centre (NCC), we are developing a range of training courses to support the fundamentals of composites skills and knowledge.

South West Composite Gateway

We are developing composite training material in collaboration with the South West Composite Gateway. Material through this gateway has been used to train Further Eduction lecturers in the South West region. Future development will provide training and CPD specifically aimed at industry.

Working in partnership with Yeovil College

A BSc(Hons) Composite Engineering degree is currently being developed in partnership with Yeovil College. Planned to start in September 2011, the course will provide a top up to BSc(Hons) degree level for those with engineering-related HNDs and Foundation Degrees.

The course will primarily be delivered through e-learning which will allow individuals to combine further study with other work and life commitments. It will provide specialism in an area of rapid growth and importance in engineering and manufacturing.

We are also working with Yeovil College to develop composites training courses for Armed Forces personnel. Such courses may also be available more broadly.

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