Yan Chen

Yan Chen

Studying: MBA
Home country: China

Career confidence

For Yan, taking a Master’s degree at UWE was an opportunity to further her career prospects in a completely different environment from her home country. "I wanted to improve my personal qualifications as well as changing my education background".

Coming to UWE to has already given Yan more confidence about returning to China to continue her career, taking inspiration from some key business experts both during her course and in events organised by the Business School. "A lot of guest speakers who are very experienced come to give us lectures. The Distinguished Executive Address Series is also a very good event. I plan to go back to my home country and apply my knowledge learned from UWE to improve my performance in my job. "

A helping hand

Coming to study away from your home country can be daunting but Yan says she's had no problem receiving all the support she’s needed. "The Global Student Support is very useful for international students -the staff here are very nice. No matter what problems you have they are ready and willing to help."

What’s more, thanks to the friendly and helpful staff in her accommodation, Yan has settled in well to her new home at UWE. "I have everything I need within my accommodation. Whenever I need help the receptionists are on hand to help."

Making the most of the UK

Outside of her study time, Yan is keen to make the most of her time here.
"I travel around the UK and Europe as much as possible to make the best out of the year."

Yan has definitely been keeping busy with everything on offer, particularly UWE's volunteering projects. "I enjoy volunteering a lot. I’ve made cards and filled shoe boxes with toys for charity at Christmas and even volunteered for beach cleaning."

Between her travels and extra-curricular activities, Yan finds that the city of Bristol is the perfect balance. "Bristol is not as busy as London but it has everything you need. It’s a quiet and peaceful city with nice people and natural scenery."

The right balance

Yan sums up her time at UWE. "Study is very important but it’s just a part of the life here at UWE. It’s better to manage studying while networking socially and enjoying a different lifestyle in a different country."

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