Sophia Ong

Sophia Ong

Studying: BA(Hons) Graphic Design
Home country: Singapore

Coming to UWE

Before Sophia even arrived at the university, it had been recommended by her tutor in Singapore. When a UWE representative visited her country, she knew it was the right place for her to study.

Teaching quality

Sophia began her studies at UWE’s Bower Ashton Campus in 2007 and was immediately impressed by the standard of teaching and the staff and tutors’ eagerness to help.

"The tutors are amazing. They are approachable, motivational as well as being very encouraging and supportive. My tutor in particular was easy to talk to and very open to new ideas. This is very important as it allows students to feel comfortable with their tutor."

City living

Sophia is never short of things to do in Bristol, and feels at home in the city. "I very much liked the feel of Bristol as compared to London. When I’m here, I often spend time on Gloucester Road or just hang out with my friends at Cabot Circus shopping centre, which is just opposite my accommodation."

Being an international student, Sophia makes the most of her time in the UK including regular trips to the capital. "I head over to London most weekends. It’s just 2 hours away and the fares are so cheap."

For Sophia though, there’s no place quite like home. "I love how Bristol is so pretty and quaint, unlike London. It is very peaceful and has less hustle and chaos and the people here are nicer. Bristol is a beautiful place."

Based at Bower Ashton Campus, Sophia has one particular favourite thing which she can enjoy every day – the deer on neighbouring Ashton Court Estate.

Looking to the future

Sophia hopes to go into a career at a publication company or venture into advertising.

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