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Wessex Red

Wessex Red bus services are operated by Wessex Connect in partnership with the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol.

Wessex Red provides a clean and efficient service for passengers. The service is not just for students, but also provides an additional transport option for members of the public. At peak times there are as many as 30 vehicles operating across nine routes, linking the University to the centre and numerous residential areas around the city.

Wessex Red bus timetables

For up-to-date timetables, fares, maps and all other information regarding the Wessex Red bus service please visit the Wessex Red website.

Service changes from September 2014

There are several service changes happening from September 2014. Please see the latest bus service updates for further details.

Timetables for the above service changes will be available on the Wessex Red website.

Wessex Red smartcard

The Wessex Red smartcard system makes boarding more efficient. Simply scan your card as you get onto the bus instead of paying with cash.

Top-up smartcards

Top-up smartcards can be credited with cash and used to buy single and dayrider tickets for a reduced price. To purchase a top-up smartcard follow these simple steps:

  1. Buy a new 'blank' smartcard (from Cartridge Right, or Frenchay Students' Union).
  2. Top up your card by paying the driver £10 to add credit.

Your top-up smartcard is then ready for use. Simply put your card on the reader and ask for a single or day-rider ticket as normal.

Term pass for students

Term passes are valid for travel on all Wessex Red services and can be purchased on the Wessex Red website.

Please note: Passengers not wishing to purchase a smartcard are still able to pay the driver with cash.

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