Ghosts in the Garden gallery

  • Rosie Fairchild (Splash and Ripple) with scriptwriter David Varela (left) and Holburne Museum Director, Xa Sturgis (right) getting to grips with some fieldwork in the Gardens

    Title: Fieldwork in the Gardens

  • David Metcalfe (Firesprings Storytellers) convenes a session on narrative development and game mechanics

    Title: Narrative workshop

  • Working plan for GPS zones, Sydney Gardens

    Title: GPS zones

  • Scratch recordings workshop with actors at Watershed

    Title: Actors' workshop

  • Final recording session in UWE studios

    Title: Recording

  • Recording the scripts at UWE

    Title: Recording

  • The Georgian Listening Devices are prepared for work...

    Title: Georgian Listening Devices

  • First full public test run: showcase day in Sydney Gardens

    Title: Test run

  • Rosie issues another Listening Device from our stall in the Holburne Museum

    Title: Handing out Listening Devices

  • Public testing ? all going well...

    Title: Public testing

  • Our testers giving us their valuable thoughts.

    Title: Feedback

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