Post-compulsory education, social justice and the student experience

Self-directed learning

This theme contributes to the Departmental vision to advance human flourishing and social justice through excellence in education and lifelong learning.

We draw upon many of BRILLE's traditional activities, build on existing relationships and recent project activity.

Research projects

Given the range of interests in the Department and wider UWE Bristol, we have numerous current and potential research projects.

Our indicative list of research projects are:

  • Teaching, learning and assessment in higher and further education
  • The national, and international policy context for education and training
  • Relationship of education and training to the labour market, the knowledge economy, social inclusion and economic regeneration
  • Widening participation in further and higher education
  • Learning and development in a range of professions
  • 'Non-traditional' university students
  • The formation of learner identities at key points of transition, such as the movement from secondary school to college or from sixth form into university
  • Social justice and the relationship of educational processes to life-chances and economic factors
  • Differential educational outcomes across different social groups and communities
  • Student experience in all phases of formal and informal learning and education, but particularly in higher education.  

This theme is led by Dr Richard Waller.

See our Post-compulsory education and social justice projects

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