Learning Layers

The Learning Layers project looks at how informal learning in the workplace can be supported by new technologies like mobile phone and tablet apps.

Together with 20 partners from across Europe the project scales up support for informal workplace learning in regional clusters of small and medium sized enterprises. We will trial these innovations in two sectors that have been particularly hesitant to take up learning technologies: health care in the North East of England and building and construction in North Germany.

The challenge is one of how to embed support and learning in meaningful working practices and to redesign work environments to support learning. For example, when a problem is encountered at work or when you are given a task to achieve, our system will scaffold you and your group as you 'seek out a solution' by putting you in contact with other people and relevant resources.

One focus of the project is supporting workplace practices in SMEs that unlock peer production and hence scaffold learning in networks of SMEs. For example, we see learning materials being generated through the work process and then shared though networks of individuals and organisations as important. However, most importantly for BRILLE's contribution will be the scaffolding of interactions with networks people.

In the course of this project we hope to reshape both workplace design and designs for learning in networks.
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Project Summary

  • Top ranked on 14.5 out of 15 against European bidding criteria
  • Scaling up Lifelong Learning using TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) in large clusters of Small to Medium Enterprises in the Health Professions and building industry
  • John Cook leads workpackage 'Networked Scaffolding – Interacting with People'
  • £0.5 million for BRILLE and UWE
  • Kick-off November 2012

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