BrEaking New Ground IN the SciencE Education Realm (ENGINEER)


ENGINEER supports the widespread adoption in Europe of innovative methods of science teaching and provides extensive teacher training on inquiry-based methods.

ENGINEER is developing 10 engineering design challenge units suited to European environments. Each unit focuses on one engineering field and uses  inexpensive materials for student-led design problem-solving. ENGINEER is also creating  teacher training materials linked to the project.

Science museums lead the outreach effort that targets schools, teachers and science museums. Teachers trained in using ENGINEER’s materials will incorporate them into science teaching in their classes. Museums will offer programs for student groups as well as for the general public. Training will be provided to 1,000 teachers, and trained teachers and school/museum activities will reach 27,000 students during outreach.

Penelope Harnett is leading the Evaluation Work Package with Juliet Edmonds and Ben Knight.

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