HERACLES - Education of Care Leavers questionnaire information

Information for people who have been asked to complete a questionnaire about Care Leavers in Higher Education as part of the HERACLES project.

The National Network for the Education of Care Leavers (NNECL) has commissioned a survey of current university students who are care leavers – i.e. those who spent some time in the care of their local authority as a child.  If you have been directed to this page, then your university, your local authority and/or a national charity believes you are a care leaver who is currently studying. 

The project is being managed by Dr Neil Harrison (neil.harrison@uwe.ac.uk) in the Department of Education and Childhood at UWE Bristol. The purpose of the project is to gather information about the experiences of care leavers in higher education to help improve support services for them in the future. Taking part in the project is voluntary.

Any answers you provide through the questionnaire will be anonymous (we do not ask for your name) and confidential to the researcher.  Your answers may be quoted in reports arising from the project, but you will not be identifiable in any way.  The questionnaire uses the Bristol Online Survey system which meets international standards for data security.  Your answers will initially be stored on this system, before being moved to a password-protected computer at UWE. 

The personal information collected on this questionnaire will be processed by UWE in accordance with the terms and conditions of the 1998 Data Protection Act. We will hold your data securely and not make it available to any other third party unless required to do so by law. The UWE Data Controller is William Marshall (Pro-Vice Chancellor, Commercial Director and Corporation Secretary).

The data from your questionnaire will be archived for a period of three years before being destroyed.  However, if after completing the questionnaire you wish to withdraw your answers, please e-mail Dr Neil Harrison stating your university, subject of study and gender to allow your questionnaire to be identified and removed. 

If you have any questions about the HERACLES project, please contact Dr Neil Harrison in the first instance. If you wish to make a formal complaint about the questionnaire or any other aspect of the project, please use the UWE complaints procedure. More information about NNECL.

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