Democratic evaluation and public policy (2008-2011)

This report is the Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) for UNICEF/Eastern Caribbean Office. Professor Kushner completed a six-week consultancy to help prepare the report and to design activities for a five-year programme of cooperation with ten Eastern Caribbean States. The programme has, as its components child protection, well being education and HIV/AIDS prevention. The programme itself, however, is defined as one of engagement with social policy.

That policy engagement operates at the level of ministries and institutions where UNICEF plays an important advocacy role. However, in this programme it also functions at the level of civil society, through community-based 'Evaluation Forums' and through what are tentatively known as 'Knowledge Development Partnerships' (KDPs). These KDPs are partnerships between UNICEF and local organisations - schools, primary care clinics - which serve as the focal point for an innovation network. Partially modelled on the concept of the 'beacon school' in the UK, each KDP takes responsibility for pioneering innovatory practices in pursuit of children's rights and diffuses its experience through associated networks.

Country Programme Action Plan 2008 - 2011 (Word, 629KB)

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